Monday, July 25, 2005

July 20th: Pan Thai II

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Ace, the Lady Aubergine, and two potentials.

Finally that weird place on the corner that used to sell fish and ice cream has become a GOOD Thai Restaurant.

A couple that is friends with some of the Movers were in attendance. They were of course being observed and studied to see if they were worthy of joining, but were completely unaware. The male had a peculiar accent, but a really good story about his first attempt to use his Sea Kayak. His mate and him and I laughed quite a bit down at our end of the table, so they get my vote.

But back to the meal...

Pan Thai II is a significant improvement over (name-I-forgot) Thai restaurant that occupied the place before. Completely improved interior and the food is definitely top notch.

I was late due to work, and when I showed up everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I heard they had some sort of appetizer sampler, but once I arrived one of the potentials and I decided to have some fresh garden rolls. Definitely worth the price of admission right there. A little pricey, but a great way to start the meal.

Potential and I had some nice friend rice, his was Rainbow... which seemed to be a confusing name since it didn't seem that colorful. And mine was Pineapple, which was easy to figure out since it had Pineapple in it as well as a nice curry flavor. Both had chicken and shrimp.

I know that Solids had the Garlic Chicken, which he liked. Zeus had something vegetarian, I forgot which but she said she liked it as well. Hot Sauce and Zeus both made the mistake of ordering the sticky rice. It came in a really fun bamboo container but seemed to have significantly less that the white or brown rice. Also, the bamboo smelled a bit like 'burning'.

I will post restaurant info later, but definitely a repeat visit is in order. In fact Mother of Ace and Father of Ace enjoyed Pan Thai II themselves this weekend, based on my recommendation, and loved it. Father of Ace was especially excited abouthe Country Style Basic Chicken. Very hot and spice and very flavorful.

Ace, Ready to Move


Mycroft said...

Only a couple of comments.

Comment 1:
On the menu it had a heat scale of the peppers one being hot and three being the hottest, nothing on the menu had three peppers next to it. So I ordered the most interesting thing on the menu that had two peppers next to it (which, by default would be the hottest thing.) It was bland. No spice what-so-ever. Ace said that this may be an option that I did not specify when the waiter took my order is a bit hard to accept. I think the waiter would of had trouble taking any order that did not consist of "number 23" or "number 37" regardless of what spice level I would prefer. If it has peppers next to it is should be spicy. Also I do not feel that my food should be automatically toned down because most of New England can't handle Heat, Hot Sauce should back me up on this. If I order something that is Hot, and it is too hot for me, that would make it my fault, not the kitchens.

Comment 2:
I ordered pork. I believe I was served chicken. Not being able to tell the difference my be a sign...

Comment 3:
It upset my stomach.

I may go back.

Hot Sauce! said...

As a general philosophy I am in total agreement with Mycroft on the HOTS issue. My favorite dish at Thai Paradise in Portsmouth used to be 'Guy Kapow' (possible butchered spelling) which was a very spicey ground chicken dish. I think it is pretty standard but it was by far my favorite at the Paradise. You could order it in varying spice levels but it was always spicey. Apparently it was the favorite dish of many clients but a large majority consistently complained it was too hot. To comply with the demand they changed my favorite dish to be in terms of heat almost spiceless. Even if I order it extra spicey it has a different flavor now because it is prepared differently. So please If you can't handle the Hot Sauce! then order a different meal. And conversely, If I order it spicey then bring it baby!

Ok, on to my Pan Thai experiences. I thought the food rated a solid B on our movers evening visit. But I have to advise based on prior recent trips (which had a hand in inspiring this latest trip) that this is an A+ lunch spot. The plates were large, fresh, tasty, and standard lunch pricing. I suggest the curry dishes and whatever special they have. I took Parents of Hot Sauce! and had an extremely skeptical father* raving about the food.

There are three places** in Exeter for Lunch: Pan Thai II, Goody Coles, and the Loaf and Ladle. And what a solid variety. If you live or work in the area and do the fast food thing ever then you have a problem because the prices at these locations are comparable to fast food and the flavor and healthiness comparison is not even worth discussing.

* Father of Hot Sauce! grew up on English cuisine. I like that term. He prefers pale colorless food and if you can boil the flavor out then please do. So getting him to enjoy Thai food would be kind of like getting some old hippie to recognize that Nirvana was talented and I am working on that too. That is to say it has to be good.

**I lied. New England Pizza is a huge favorite of mine. But it seems to be really hit or miss with pizza fans. But it is better for movie night then lunch anyway.