Wednesday, July 13, 2005

June 15: Shalimar

In attendance: Solids, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Ace

Great as always.

Vegetarian dishes actually seemed to be better than the meat ones, but that is standard @ Shalimar. That is not to say the meat was bad, far from it.

Gil was as always his incredibly friendly and welcoming self. Love that man.

Solids and Zeus both seemed to like the food, but Solids remembered me bringing him there years ago and really liked it. Not sure how it compared to then.

Kheer and Masala Tea were just as good as I remembered... must try to return soon.

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]


Hot Sauce! said...

You guys kinda screwed us going there before we came back. I mean, Shalimar is one of the 'must go' Portsmouth locations. We hit it up almost every time we are in town. Just reading your post makes me think of all the average to bad Indian food I ate in Barcelona (which I enjoyed because I love the stuff) and I am getting hungry.

zeus said...

Dear Hot Sauce!
I think the Movers should return to Shalimar because I liked it very much and have only been there that one time.

Mycroft said...

sorry, hot sauce.