Wednesday, July 13, 2005

June 29: Los Coco's Tacos

In attendance: Solids, Zeus, Moxie, Hotsauce, the Lady Aubergine

So the taco place in Kittery, no freaking idea what its name is... but I missed it anyway. Hurt my back, couldn't really go out.

So this was meeting 1 of The Movers I missed since its conception.

To add insult to injury, this was the first time that Hotsauce and the Lady Aubergine joined the collective. And Mycroft was also not able to make it due to some work concern.

What I hear is that everyone seemed to like it

I did go to this place that weekend on my own, and thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Mole Enchiladas. The Mole sauce was awesome. Definitely brought me back to the La Cucaracha (sp? The Cockroach in English I guess...) days in St. Paul, MN.

... which reminds me... Buca's! ... I don't care what they did to it nowadays... will always be my all time favorite place. Definitely a precursor to the Movers, and forever stamped in my brain as an inspiration to any restaurant I may one day start on my own... sigh... such happy hedonistic days...

"I am sorry sir, we do not take reservations" "Michael? Hello, this is (Ace's real First and Last name)! Do you think there is any chance 8 of us will be able to get in around 7 o'clock?" "Oh Mr. (Ace's real Last name)! Yes yes of course, we will have a table for you. Always happy to have you."

Okay. So this is pure and simple bragging. But c'mon, I often make friends with owners and hosts of restaurants... a combination of my personality and the ridiculous sums of money I have dropped in their places, even when I could not afford it... but Buca's was the single most wonderful example of this in my life. If I die with this being the only example of ever feeling like a VIP, I will be happy.

Anyway... enough is enough... Taco place is good. I will post the name when I remember to ask Moxie about it. (Update: Los Coco's Tacos, thanks Moxie!)

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]


plentyo'moxie said...

Los Coco's Tacos - and I highly highly highly recomend the baja style fish tacos. I had them on Monday of the Wednesday that we went (for lunch w/ ma in from out of state), and while still excellent, were somehow missing the required cabbage slaw stuff. Hmm. So on Wed. I was finally able to break myself away and ordered the chile relleno special. Awesome. btw, this place is really inexpensive.

Ace, Mover said...

Los Coco's Tacos, check!

And I concur, definitely on the cheap... if only they had live bug tacos...