Monday, July 18, 2005


It was Hot Sauce that kept saying my real name, and Tom picked up on it. Hot Sauce will confirm it since he apologized to me.

By that time my cover was blown, and no way was I going down alone, so codenames flew out the window.

Of course Egg outed herself at the first chance she got... but since I doubt any of the Croquet club will ever speak of us as anything more than those nice kids in Black, I am not concerned.

A skull and mallet tat was given to one of the members of the club. Who thanked us, but I am guessing it got tossed at the first opportunity.

Overall we were a hit. We got educated on the game. The croquet club learned that a bunch of kids in black can still be very polite and delightful.

Big big big thanks to Jim for hosting it all, he was great... he suggested we get an agent and go pro at one point... and of course Tom and Ilse.

When Ilse hiked up her skirt when it was her time to get in there and do an exhibition game, I knew she was there to PLAY! The loud angry groans at missed shots clinched it.

Ilse will always be an inspiration. Play on, girl!

And now THAT is the Truth!

Ace, Ready to Move.


Hot Sauce! said...

Most o dis iza bout cool. Somsa dis gatsta be frontin cuz evens yo momma nos Da Hot Sauce! don no da meenin o apologization sucka!

Lady Aubergine said...

In defense of my specific identity disclosure, Tom asked for my name! "And who are you?" he asked. I first responded by saying "Red" as he'd been calling us by our ball colors. But his eyes bore into me and I knew it wasn't going to be enough. I felt the pressure and...
wanted to be polite.

I know some of you fell for Isle but Tom will always be the man in white for me.

plentyo'moxie said...

Lady - you need to just get up the guts and give your code name. just do it.

hot sauce! - is that jar jar binks you are channeling?

Hot Sauce! said...

It was a mix of Jar Jar, online gamer 16 year old white kids from the Manchester NH area (the dialect is actually creeping north and west throught the state), Don King, and Angela Lansbury.

Its an art.