Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August 3rd: Grilled Cheese @ Home of Mycroft & Moxie

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine (Plus more!)

I say it was a great success.

Some Movers decisions were made, although by a questionable legal process. My favorite quote was from the Lady Aubergine to Zeus and went something like "Did we want this to be a democracy?" and then to the group "Alright it can be a democracy this time." At some point it was decided that 'unanimous' votes within the Movers meant everyone but one. One dissenting vote would still be considered 'unanimous'. I bet there is a term for this kind of vote already, but we don't know it, so moving on...

There was also a gavel involved, but it didn't seem to mean much except as a prop for the Lady Aubergine. And when I made the assumption that I could ask for the gavel and be allowed to speak, I was told by the Lady Aubergine that I needed to tell her (publically) what I planned on speaking about before I could actually have the gavel and present it. The fact that the gavel appears to be a croquet mallet is mere coincidence.

For this night, however, Solids was the star of the event.

He showed off his mad skills by cooking grilled cheese of many varieties, in his soon-to-be-patented slow cooking style. Rumored and I believe even shown (though I wasn't always paying attention) to at times go beyond 45 minutes for a single sandwich.

Preparing the skillet

Some Classic Slow-Cooked Grilled Cheese

This superior slow cooking method also allowed for the ever elusive triple decker Grilled Cheese to show its face.

Early in the cooking process of a triple decker. (Correct me if I am wrong, Solids)

Personally, I was most excited about the gluten-free option. Moxie was kind enough to make me some gluten-free cornbread with just the right consistency to be able to be grilled. I decided to round this out with some smoked gouda cheese, and the result was wonderful. Thank you so much, Solids and Moxie, for letting Grilled Cheese back into my life. I think next time I would go with straight up white american cheese, just to bring it back as close to the old school sandwich as possible.

Gluten-Free Cornbread and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

And then came Solids' biggest challenge of the night. What I am calling Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese Pie. I only say Pie because of all the varying fillings and the shape, but to be honest this was as much a sandwich as anything that was made, and maybe more.

Ridiculously large cornbread to make Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese Pie/Sandwich

So Mycroft filled his ridiculously large cornbread pieces with a whole mix of things. I will let him list them, but I definitely saw bluecheese and goatcheese go in there. Along with some kind of vegetable/condiment. At this point I became overwhelmed and just sat back to see if this was going to work.

Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese over the heat.

At the flipping stage, there was a little bit of concern and some implement other than a spatula was called into play. (Again I wasn't always paying attention, so I am not sure what this implement was.) And thankfully, Solids pulled it off without a hitch. He then decided to finish off the melting process in the oven, and from what I remember it turned out great.

I personally do not recollect if I tried it or not... my mind was clouded by butter, cornbread, smoked gouda, and ginger beer.

Also, look for our new domain name very soon:

Next week, Shalimar!

Old Post:
... Okay. So this hasn't happened yet... but I am excited, what can I say...

Originally Solids was thinking this was not going to be a go, but he has agreed to give it a shot. Definitely need to go to Philbricks and get some supplies.


plentyo'moxie said...

Solids - it'll be all good. This was just the confirmation I needed to start making corn bread. I'll do my best to make it non-crumbly and cheese receptive. Come over anytime you want. I do have lots of general food supplies here - butter, oil, cornbread. No actual bread, and no actual sliced cheese (some fancy schmnacy cheeses).

Also, I made the best zucchini bread last night - non Ace compliant. Zucchini, ibarra chocolate, ground almonds, cinnamon, cayenne. mmmm. This has nothing to do with anything, only I am eating some right now. mmmm.

zeus said...

Grilled Cheese Night had its share of great quotes. My personal favorite was when Mycroft said "Not in my backyard" in response to Ace's declaration that there was something going on between Solids and Ace and I.

Ace, Mover said...

True Zeus! And then there was the "You are always the main attraction." Said to Moxie by Solids as he presented her with the bag of movie candy.

(Or so I hear, as I was not there then.)

plentyo'moxie said...

I'm going to call Solids out and tell everyone that in addition to an entire bottle of I-can't-believe-this-is-butter spray, we went through 2, that is TWO, whole sticks of butter.

All in all, a fine time. My grilled cheese life is changed due to the revelatory triple deckers. Ratio of toastiness to cheese is perfect.

I also loved my special sandwich of cornbread, goat cheese, tomatoes, and pesto (goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil and garlic all local products).

zeus said...

I forgot to mention that Moxie gave me the best tomatoes ever. They were golden somethings. I loved them.

Ted said...

If you ever want to most supreme grilled cheese ever, the secret is to cook it in a 350 degree oven. My friend showed me this and we were amazed.

So, while these become more like baked grilled cheeses you can make at least four at a time and the texture is excellent. Especially good if you're making this for a gang of kids.

Ace, Mover said...

Good intel, Ted! Given that Solids was using the oven as a finishing tool, I can definitely see the potential of the all oven grilled cheese.

And our first non-Mover comment! Hurray!

Ace, Ready to Move.