Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thanks to the Movers...

Thanks to the Movers for the breathtaking induction/christening ceremony. Wasabi and myself shall always fondly remember the ocassion.


Ace, Mover said...

Of course! As soon as Hot Sauce gets his ass back to civilization I will get him to post up your responses to the ceremony. It was priceless.

And you forgot to give your entry a title, so I made one for you.

Ace, Ready to Move

The Count, moves that count said...

Spectacular and Delightful

An extended thank you to The Movers & friends for the amazing good time had on 10/26.Special thanks to Moxie and Mycroft for being such wondrous hosts. Wasabi and myself are looking forward to see everyone tomorrow!.

Multiple flapping sounds,

The Count, moves that count.