Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Movers on Madison Street

In attendance: ace,moxie,mycroft,prag 3,solids,the count,wasabi,zeus

The most recent movers gathering was monumental for the count and I. We were very excited to welcome fellow movers to our humble abode. The moveable feast proved extreamly tasty as the tortilla espanola (two kinds), the sauteed mushrooms and peppers, cheese and fruit, and beef seemd to please the crowd. Well done the count. Moxie and Mycroft brought a wonderful wine, regretfully i do not recall the name. Forgive me for showing my inexperience. Zeus and Solids arrived with a yummy port in tow that the count and I have enjoyed this past week. Ace added gracefully to the ambiance of that last evening in august by brining a lovely arrangement of wild flowers. And last but not least Prag 3's Sangria was a hit. One of the most important aspects of the evening was the induction of Prag 3 who luckily did not fall prey to choosing france. See y'all this evening. -wasabi (always movin)

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Mycroft said...

The wine we had is was a Ravenswood Icon Syrah from 2001.

I have a more detailed post here.