Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Movers:PRI - Sept 11th - Mr. Taco

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Alright, so Movers:PRI is only two people right now. Ace of the original Movers cell, and Prag 3, who still needs a permanent name chosen.

The plan was to get some Mexican down in Providence, RI or the surrounding countryside. The task seemed impossible on our own so we turned to Chowhound.

Lo and behold, there was a place listed as good Mexican not by one but as many as three different Chowhounds, so we thought we hit gold! Nevermind the fact that the name of the place was Mr. Taco.

Yes, boys and girls, Mr. Taco.

Located in beautiful downtown West Warwick, a short trip south of the city of Providence, Mr. Taco is... simply put... amazing.

The exterior was just awesome.

We went inside and were quickly seated by the window overlooking a steep enbankment down to a muddy river, complete with spare tire. It was breathtaking.

Our waitress was very prompt and quickly took our drink order. Prag 3 went with her classic Diet Coke and I decided I wanted to try the Sangria. I wasn't expecting much, but here is a pic of what I got.

Awesome. Definitely a Girl Drink Drunk contender by the looks of it, and the taste did not let me down. Extremely heavy on the hard alcohol and 7-up, this is definitely one of the finest example of GDD I have come across that was masquerading as a Sangria.

Anyway, we were suprised to see a lot of the items on the menu actually sounded authentic. But were tempted by something on the appetizer menu called Dippers. Dippers was basically a skillet with black beans, seasoned ground beef, and spiced up cheese sauce that you dipped tortilla chips in.

This was surprisingly good. The black beans especially were tasty. Hard to mess up black beans you would think, but I have seen it many times, so I was pleasantly surprised. The chips were nice and thick and pretty tasty.

We decided on enchiladas for Prag 3 and Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo, I think, can never remember the name) for myself.

The rice tasted like rice-a-roni, but bad. Definitely not a treat. Admittedly I was comparing this to the same dish I bought in Costa Rica in the spring for $1.50 and LOVED, but even without that experience this would have been bad.

Prag 3 ate a little of her Enchiladas, but they were tasteless. The corn tortillas tasted like paper kind of. They tortillas made good chips, but bad enchiladas.

At this point we were just laughing and listening to some of the staff talk about getting hit by a car while we waited for the check.

End result: We knew going into this that a place called Mr. Taco was probably going to be bad, but this was just hilarious. We felt pity for those poor Chowhounders who actually consider this good Mexican food. But if you are looking for some good dip and a decent place to start off a night of Girl Drink Drunk, Mr. Taco is the place for you.

Ace, Ready to Move

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