Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Movers:PRI - Sept 18th - Tico's Cantina

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Okay, try number 2 for Mexican in Providence.

This was totally a spur of the moment thing. We were hungry and driving down this one road where everything seems to be and I said, let's just keep going, and then we hit Tico's Cantina.

Now I don't know if this is a chain, but it had the 'almost-a-chain' feel.

Like the menu and decorations were just plastic enough to probably be a chain, but obviously not on the level of like an Applebees. Maybe a regional chain.

Anyway, not 'authentic' mexican. And didn't really expect it to be. Just wanted something better than Mr. Taco, and overall it was.

With Tico himself looking over us, we looked over the menu.

Decided to go with some chicken and rice bowl for an appetizer. It was served with tortilla chips and definitely could have been a small meal itself. We devoured it quickly.

Prag 3 once again ordered a diet coke. I decided that whenever I was at a Movers:PRI meeting that had Sangria, I must order it... so I ordered a Sangria. This one was considerably lower on the GDD scale, but I decided it would be much more fun to drink using BOTH of the long straws that it was served with, thereby negating the seriousness of the drink and bringing it dangerously close to GDD.

I ordered the Del Mar Enchilada, with scallop, crab and shrimp. Prag 3 ordered a southwestern Chimichanga but ended up getting a Del Mar Chimi, so we both had seafood. But since it was pretty good, she didn't mind.

End Result: The food was pretty good. I ended up eating half of my enchilada and beans, and then Prag 3 and I ate it later that night. It was still pretty good hours later, so I guess this place scores better than Mr. Taco at least.

Ace, Ready to Move

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