Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Movers:PRI - Sept 24th - Lemi's Chinese BBQ

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Decided to trust Chowhound again after reading multiple Hounders talking about an authentic Chinese place in Providence. These were not the same people making this recommendation as the Mr. Taco bastards, so it seemed worth a try.

Definitely was.

Lemi's Chinese BBQ has the classic/morbid happy pig logo, as if the pig is REALLY happy that you are about to have him butchered and cooked for your eating enjoyment.

In the window hung all sorts of BBQed animals. Ducks, chickens, cuttlefish, a pig. Apparently this style of cooking is Hong Kong or Cantonese style BBQ. Peking Duck being the classic example you find in most chinese restaurants. The meat, mostly pork and fowl, is cooked standing up, with all the juices dripping down. The juices and sauce continue to drip down as they hang in the window.

We ordered half of a Scallion and Ginger Chicken, and a half of a Roast Duck. Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce and String Beans in Oyster Sauce (we ordered both in garlic sauce, but the oyster sauce was great anyway). Along with some white rice.

By the time we got back to Prag 3's place, the meats were cool so they had to be reheated. The fat, skin, and bones sketched Prag 3 out a bit, but in the end she was alright.

The meat was succulent and very flavorful. I was concerned that the very small containers of Hoison and Ginger/Scallion sauce would not be enough, but we barely touched them.

The Chinese Broccoli was awesome. Good snap to the stalks and great fresh flavor. The string beans were nice and soft and flavorful, and both of us poured some of the oyster sauce over our rice.

Overall a good meal, but I think if we went back again we might get pork or something else from the menu that wasn't BBQed. The presentation of the fowl with bones and such is a bit difficult to handle but in the end was really good.

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