Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sept 21st - Mountain Pies Bonanza

In attendance: Wasabi, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Ace

The Mountain Pies Bonanza was hosted at the home of the Parents of Ace. They have a good firepit/fireplace out in their backyard nestled up against the woods, so it was the perfect location. Also they owned the Mountain Pie Makers, so it only made sense we did it there.

Unfortunately I was very late because I locked the food in the fridge at my work and could not get back inside, despite many attempts by Solids and Zeus and I. At one point Solids was discussing breaking into the building through a window with an air conditioner in it, but we decided against this plan.

More cheese and pepperoni was picked up and then we finally showed up for the Bonanza. Everyone else was already there and the fire was blazing, so although things got going a little late, it wasn't a disaster.

Mycroft and Moxier brought some great cheeses, cooked sausages, and bread as well as a very nice selection of Lebanese wines. This was in honor of the Mother of Ace who is 50% Lebanese, but she wasn't up for drinking. We drank her share for her.

Wasabi and The Count brought some more bread and some nice ham and cheese, and The Count provided us all with music on his guitar.

Mother of Ace gave us some last minute safety tips and then we were off.

Classic Pizza Mountian Pies were first up, along with some Ham and Cheese.

For those who don't know... this is a basic mountain pie...

Mountain Pie Maker. (Basically two slice of bread sized cast iron griddles that connect together on one hand, attached to long handles. The precursor to the countertop 'sandwich maker' they sell on infomercials.)
White Bread.
Butter or Margarine or Spray Butter Alternative.
Toppings/Stuffings (pizza sauce and cheese, pie fillings, etc.)

You 'butter' up your bread and put it butter side down into the two halves of the MP Maker. Then you put in your toppings. Classic Pizza is just pizza sauce and shredded cheese, and any additional pizza toppings you want. Then you close up the maker, the bread presses together and makes a seal and then you cook the whole thing over the fire, checking each side with a flashlight to see when its golden brown like a good grilled cheese.

For desert we had everything from Cherry Pie filling to Chocolate & Peanut Butter. There was even a wine soaked bread pie, but I can't remember what the stuffing was. According to Mycroft the wine soaked pie was nothing special.

Being the foodtard that I am, I tried a couple of different things.

1. Omelette.
Complete disaster, all the egg dripped out into the fire.
2. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker.
Completely burned on one side, but proved it could be done. Inside was a bit too soft.
3. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker w/ Cherries and Chocolate.
Here I got too sure of myself from the last experiment and tries to make a pancake stuffed with cherries and chocolate. This never really cooked right and never sealed up. The inside was good though.
4. Gluten Free Pancake, One-sided Maker.
Decided to just go simple and cook a pancake in just one of the griddles, flipping it over by hand over the fire. This was my best success.

Oh and I also cooked a bunch of shrimp on a skewer.

It was definitely our most quiet and restful Movers meeting, but everyone seemed happy with that.

Ace, Ready to Move

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