Monday, November 14, 2005

Movers in LA! - Nov. 12th - El Fortin

Alright, boys and girls, I admit I had been losing faith.

I thought the Movable Feast had abandoned me.

Here I was in the Los Angeles area for the first time, cold (yes... strangely it has been quite chilly a lot of the time), alone (...well will 6 other people from my company...but I feel about these people how Mycroft feels about the general population of a saturday night movie theater), and surrounded by Jack-in-the-Box's and Denny's.

But then I was humbled once again as I accidently stumbled upon a place called El Fortin.

El Fortin looks like its just another room of the laundray mat that it shares a building with. It is tiny, drab, and from what I could tell - no one spoke very good english, although the menu had some english on it.

First thing: Cheap. Three of us ate, had appetizers, and drinks for $28.

Second thing: AMAZINGLY authentic. I went with a woman who is from Mexico and she was practically in tears. Apparently even up here in LA, most of the places are americanized. This was hard-core Oaxacan at its best. I have a tortilla with mole and Oaxacan cheese and chorizo and lard. Yes, lard wasn't just something they cooked with, it was listed as one of the spreads on the tortilla along with the mole.

Third thing: RIDICULOUSLY good! Moles. Moles. Moles. Spicey moles. Yellows. Reds. Browns. Tamales wrapped in banana leaves, with mole. Enchiladas with mole. Apparently the Oaxacans eat a lot of mole! Thank the Movable Feast!

So yes, brothers and sisters, I had been reminded that we may find the Movable Feast at anytime, anywhere.

And then... Chapulines.

El Fortín preps chapulines for consumption by soaking them overnight in chile powder and lime juice, then sun-drying them until they are nice and crunchy.

What are Chapulines?

Sometimes when you are most in need, lost in the wilderness, cold, alone - You don't find the Movable Feast. The Movable Feast finds you.

Chapulines are grasshoppers.

I ate grasshoppers, and to be honest, they aren't bad at all when you dip them in mole!

Ace, Ready to Move

P.S. I am going back there for breakfast right now.

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