Monday, August 14, 2006


we're really missing like a month of Movers events here - so I thought I would do a summary for posterity, though my memory is really very terrible and I doubt I will be successful. Chiming in and corrections highly encouraged:

July 12: Jazz @ the Academy Library, followed by a ho-hum dinner at 11 Water Street, Exeter

July 19: Slim Tex's in Rochester (thank you Wasabi!) this place probably deserves its own post. When we first went there in April (we think, we remember it was a bit before Cinco de Mayo), most of us were basically expecting it to be not very good at all. It was actually awesome! We had a great time, loved our drinks, loved the food (which is most definitely Tex-Mex and *not* Mexican - but that's what they are going for, so there's no false advertising). There were also ample bottles of hot sauce everywhere, so we wanted to take our beloved Hot Sauce! there upon his return.

This visit, Slim's was like we had anticipated it was going to be before our first visit, except now we thought we liked it, so the dissapointment was double. It wasn't tragic, and it most definitely could've been an off night, but . . . we hated our drinks, the food was meh . . .

July 26: La Famiglia, Greenland

August 2: Wasabi's Birthday!!!! @ Radici, Portsmouth

tricky tricky -

We fooled you all! and went to El Mexicano Jr.

The food was of course, totally amazing and wonderful. The trip there and back was overly-adventurous, involving excitement and danger in many forms (including out-of-control vehicles, and Mycroft and Ace being abandoned in the ghetto of Manchester and being forced to fend off would be boyfriends!)

You'll just have to come this week (Jamaican?) for the details . . .