Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dos Amigos, Portsmouth style

In mid-January, we braved the first cold day of winter to visit Dos Amigos, in Portsmouth NH.

I enjoyed a fish taco - but was completely taken aback that the fish taco is really just a mini-burrito, in that it is served on half a flour tortilla, not a corn tortilla - this is true of all the tacos.

fish taco

These roasted jalepeƱos with cream cheese were awesome. All popper like foods should be as good. (Although what is with Dos Amigos and their crunchy rice?? Cook it already! I know that while this view is common, the opposing fans of crunchy rice are just as vocal in their support.)

cream cheese stuffed roasted jalapenos

Wasabi and The Count opened with chips and guacamole, which we all agreed was not in league at all with Wasabi's guacamole.

chips, salsa, guac

And burritos! Of course there were burritos. They are enjoyable, they are good, they do an excellent job with the pulled pork and carne asada. (I wish the rice weren't crunchy and then I'd get them all the time.)


Mycroft ordered the quesadillas and they were good - came with rice and beans, making them a very legitimate meal.

All in all, a good visit.

Rochester dining

The past two weeks have been spent in Rochester, NH. Two weeks ago was Wild Willy's, the burger joint. Last week was the fairly new Fat Tony's, two doors down and by the same owner as Slim Tex's.

Wild Willy's was a mixed bag. Mycroft loved his burger, and recommends skipping the sides and going straight for two burgers. This assessment is pretty fair - the sides, although filled with great promise, were terrifyingly greasy.

Hot Sauce! the sauce not the Mover at Wild Willy's in Rochester, NH

See? don't those onion rings look great? Hand breaded, very thin, cornmeal . . . they remind me of Wheelies, when it was Wheelies, in Newmarket. But these beautiful looking onion rings were soaked in oil. No good. Ditto the hand cut Maine potato french fries.

onion rings and fries

Solid's bbq, bacon, and pickle burger:

bbq sauce, bacon, and pickle burger

Zeus had grilled cheese, which I believe was also greasy. Mycroft had the chili burger. Here is my green chile cheese burger - I was soooooo happy to see this on the menu, and it was pretty good. The green chiles needed to be roasted longer.

chile cheese burger

On to Fat Tony's. I'm only going to provide this single picture of fried ravioli, a. because it was dark in there and the pictures didn't turn out well, but also b. because we did not like the food and there is no need to reproduce bad and bad looking food.

Fried raviolis

The menu was painfully stereotypical, the bread was crap, the lasagna on my plate was filled with a horrible quantity of green bell peppers cooked to death, the alfredo tasted like broccoli - and on and on with similar complaints. It wasn't a complete disaster, but it wasn't good. As Solids said as we were leaving, "I don't think we'll be coming back here anytime soon."