Friday, January 12, 2007

100 years from now all the children will say,

"It's Monkeys' Night!"

pre-op monkey

The inaugural Monkeys' Night occured at the home of Wasabi and The Count, with Zeus, Solids, Mycroft and Moxie also present.

Monkey Nog ingredients

Featured consumables included Monkey Nog, turn-children-into-alcoholics-beer-banned-in-Maine, cheeeese, Monkey Brains casserole, salad, meatloaf, and Brownies By Zeus.


The list of featured high-jinks is quite extensive. In summary, there were prizes, competitions involving monkeys in a barrel to see who would go first in competitive games, more competitions to see who would go first in other high-jinks, a Monkeys' Night Swap (in which each item had to be found AND had to be able to be used by a Monkey in the coming Robot Uprising), Scene It, and the Monkeys' Night Wish.

I'm not sure how much I should let the general public know about the Monkeys' Night Wish, especially considering recent happenings, so I'll just post this picture:


Notably missing was a re-enactment of the story of Monkeys' Night. Again, not sure how much should be shared so I will just say that it involves 1 lone Monkey and the Robot Uprising. And kung fu. Or maybe muay thai.

Monkeys on the ceiling (not in a barrel)