Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Movers:PRI - Sept 24th - Lemi's Chinese BBQ

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Decided to trust Chowhound again after reading multiple Hounders talking about an authentic Chinese place in Providence. These were not the same people making this recommendation as the Mr. Taco bastards, so it seemed worth a try.

Definitely was.

Lemi's Chinese BBQ has the classic/morbid happy pig logo, as if the pig is REALLY happy that you are about to have him butchered and cooked for your eating enjoyment.

In the window hung all sorts of BBQed animals. Ducks, chickens, cuttlefish, a pig. Apparently this style of cooking is Hong Kong or Cantonese style BBQ. Peking Duck being the classic example you find in most chinese restaurants. The meat, mostly pork and fowl, is cooked standing up, with all the juices dripping down. The juices and sauce continue to drip down as they hang in the window.

We ordered half of a Scallion and Ginger Chicken, and a half of a Roast Duck. Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce and String Beans in Oyster Sauce (we ordered both in garlic sauce, but the oyster sauce was great anyway). Along with some white rice.

By the time we got back to Prag 3's place, the meats were cool so they had to be reheated. The fat, skin, and bones sketched Prag 3 out a bit, but in the end she was alright.

The meat was succulent and very flavorful. I was concerned that the very small containers of Hoison and Ginger/Scallion sauce would not be enough, but we barely touched them.

The Chinese Broccoli was awesome. Good snap to the stalks and great fresh flavor. The string beans were nice and soft and flavorful, and both of us poured some of the oyster sauce over our rice.

Overall a good meal, but I think if we went back again we might get pork or something else from the menu that wasn't BBQed. The presentation of the fowl with bones and such is a bit difficult to handle but in the end was really good.

Sept 21st - Mountain Pies Bonanza

In attendance: Wasabi, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Ace

The Mountain Pies Bonanza was hosted at the home of the Parents of Ace. They have a good firepit/fireplace out in their backyard nestled up against the woods, so it was the perfect location. Also they owned the Mountain Pie Makers, so it only made sense we did it there.

Unfortunately I was very late because I locked the food in the fridge at my work and could not get back inside, despite many attempts by Solids and Zeus and I. At one point Solids was discussing breaking into the building through a window with an air conditioner in it, but we decided against this plan.

More cheese and pepperoni was picked up and then we finally showed up for the Bonanza. Everyone else was already there and the fire was blazing, so although things got going a little late, it wasn't a disaster.

Mycroft and Moxier brought some great cheeses, cooked sausages, and bread as well as a very nice selection of Lebanese wines. This was in honor of the Mother of Ace who is 50% Lebanese, but she wasn't up for drinking. We drank her share for her.

Wasabi and The Count brought some more bread and some nice ham and cheese, and The Count provided us all with music on his guitar.

Mother of Ace gave us some last minute safety tips and then we were off.

Classic Pizza Mountian Pies were first up, along with some Ham and Cheese.

For those who don't know... this is a basic mountain pie...

Mountain Pie Maker. (Basically two slice of bread sized cast iron griddles that connect together on one hand, attached to long handles. The precursor to the countertop 'sandwich maker' they sell on infomercials.)
White Bread.
Butter or Margarine or Spray Butter Alternative.
Toppings/Stuffings (pizza sauce and cheese, pie fillings, etc.)

You 'butter' up your bread and put it butter side down into the two halves of the MP Maker. Then you put in your toppings. Classic Pizza is just pizza sauce and shredded cheese, and any additional pizza toppings you want. Then you close up the maker, the bread presses together and makes a seal and then you cook the whole thing over the fire, checking each side with a flashlight to see when its golden brown like a good grilled cheese.

For desert we had everything from Cherry Pie filling to Chocolate & Peanut Butter. There was even a wine soaked bread pie, but I can't remember what the stuffing was. According to Mycroft the wine soaked pie was nothing special.

Being the foodtard that I am, I tried a couple of different things.

1. Omelette.
Complete disaster, all the egg dripped out into the fire.
2. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker.
Completely burned on one side, but proved it could be done. Inside was a bit too soft.
3. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker w/ Cherries and Chocolate.
Here I got too sure of myself from the last experiment and tries to make a pancake stuffed with cherries and chocolate. This never really cooked right and never sealed up. The inside was good though.
4. Gluten Free Pancake, One-sided Maker.
Decided to just go simple and cook a pancake in just one of the griddles, flipping it over by hand over the fire. This was my best success.

Oh and I also cooked a bunch of shrimp on a skewer.

It was definitely our most quiet and restful Movers meeting, but everyone seemed happy with that.

Ace, Ready to Move

Movers:PRI - Sept 18th - Tico's Cantina

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Okay, try number 2 for Mexican in Providence.

This was totally a spur of the moment thing. We were hungry and driving down this one road where everything seems to be and I said, let's just keep going, and then we hit Tico's Cantina.

Now I don't know if this is a chain, but it had the 'almost-a-chain' feel.

Like the menu and decorations were just plastic enough to probably be a chain, but obviously not on the level of like an Applebees. Maybe a regional chain.

Anyway, not 'authentic' mexican. And didn't really expect it to be. Just wanted something better than Mr. Taco, and overall it was.

With Tico himself looking over us, we looked over the menu.

Decided to go with some chicken and rice bowl for an appetizer. It was served with tortilla chips and definitely could have been a small meal itself. We devoured it quickly.

Prag 3 once again ordered a diet coke. I decided that whenever I was at a Movers:PRI meeting that had Sangria, I must order it... so I ordered a Sangria. This one was considerably lower on the GDD scale, but I decided it would be much more fun to drink using BOTH of the long straws that it was served with, thereby negating the seriousness of the drink and bringing it dangerously close to GDD.

I ordered the Del Mar Enchilada, with scallop, crab and shrimp. Prag 3 ordered a southwestern Chimichanga but ended up getting a Del Mar Chimi, so we both had seafood. But since it was pretty good, she didn't mind.

End Result: The food was pretty good. I ended up eating half of my enchilada and beans, and then Prag 3 and I ate it later that night. It was still pretty good hours later, so I guess this place scores better than Mr. Taco at least.

Ace, Ready to Move

Movers:PRI - Sept 11th - Mr. Taco

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Alright, so Movers:PRI is only two people right now. Ace of the original Movers cell, and Prag 3, who still needs a permanent name chosen.

The plan was to get some Mexican down in Providence, RI or the surrounding countryside. The task seemed impossible on our own so we turned to Chowhound.

Lo and behold, there was a place listed as good Mexican not by one but as many as three different Chowhounds, so we thought we hit gold! Nevermind the fact that the name of the place was Mr. Taco.

Yes, boys and girls, Mr. Taco.

Located in beautiful downtown West Warwick, a short trip south of the city of Providence, Mr. Taco is... simply put... amazing.

The exterior was just awesome.

We went inside and were quickly seated by the window overlooking a steep enbankment down to a muddy river, complete with spare tire. It was breathtaking.

Our waitress was very prompt and quickly took our drink order. Prag 3 went with her classic Diet Coke and I decided I wanted to try the Sangria. I wasn't expecting much, but here is a pic of what I got.

Awesome. Definitely a Girl Drink Drunk contender by the looks of it, and the taste did not let me down. Extremely heavy on the hard alcohol and 7-up, this is definitely one of the finest example of GDD I have come across that was masquerading as a Sangria.

Anyway, we were suprised to see a lot of the items on the menu actually sounded authentic. But were tempted by something on the appetizer menu called Dippers. Dippers was basically a skillet with black beans, seasoned ground beef, and spiced up cheese sauce that you dipped tortilla chips in.

This was surprisingly good. The black beans especially were tasty. Hard to mess up black beans you would think, but I have seen it many times, so I was pleasantly surprised. The chips were nice and thick and pretty tasty.

We decided on enchiladas for Prag 3 and Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo, I think, can never remember the name) for myself.

The rice tasted like rice-a-roni, but bad. Definitely not a treat. Admittedly I was comparing this to the same dish I bought in Costa Rica in the spring for $1.50 and LOVED, but even without that experience this would have been bad.

Prag 3 ate a little of her Enchiladas, but they were tasteless. The corn tortillas tasted like paper kind of. They tortillas made good chips, but bad enchiladas.

At this point we were just laughing and listening to some of the staff talk about getting hit by a car while we waited for the check.

End result: We knew going into this that a place called Mr. Taco was probably going to be bad, but this was just hilarious. We felt pity for those poor Chowhounders who actually consider this good Mexican food. But if you are looking for some good dip and a decent place to start off a night of Girl Drink Drunk, Mr. Taco is the place for you.

Ace, Ready to Move

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

September 14th: Burger Party

In attendance: Ace, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, and Zeus

This week Zeus and Solids hosted the movers. This was inspired by a gift that Solids received of a brand new grill. This was another experimental night with Solids at the helm, like the grilled cheese night.

This night too, was a great success.

On the menu:
Solids onion burger
The apple burger,
The blueberry burger
The popper burger
The onion ring/mozzarella stick burger
The sauerkraut burger, I think.

Corn on the cob
Chips and Dip (courtesy of Ace,)
Guacamole (courtesy of Wasabi and the Count)

Feudo Arancro 2002 Grillo Sicilia
Renswood 2003 Syrah Rosé, select series
Genesis Hogue Syrah 2000, Columbia Valley, Washington
Gatorade, Red

Unfortunately, we all forgot to take pictures.

Solids cooked up what he calls his onion burger. This burger, even though had a lot of spice added to it, was what Solids considers his standard burger. It may have been the least experimental burger but still very good. Next up was the apple burger. Solids finely chopped up an apple, granny smith (I think), and mixed it in with the raw meat. This was good but not what we wanted. Next time I think we all agree, more apples should be added or even a slice of apple in the middle of the burger. The blueberry burger was a little more successful; you could really taste the blueberry separate from the beef. It was fun, like blueberry ale. The popper burger was fun. Solids formed the patty around a precooked jalapeño popper. This cooked up really well. This will make a great green chili cheeseburger next time we make them. The onion ring/mozzarella stick burger is nothing more than future of hamburgers. Solids formed the patty around a precooked onion ring that had a precooked mozzarella sick in the middle. This was a giant burger, but really delicious. I do not know too many details of the sauerkraut burger. That was made for Ace who seemed to really enjoy it.

As a topping, Solids fried up some pepperoni, ham, and bacon. These were all fried up together and were crispy and good.

Wasabi and The Count brought a bowl of homemade Guacamole that was great. It was a fun side to the burgers. Solid cooked up a big pot of corn on the cob on the side burner of his new grill. It was really good and one of the few items Zeus could eat. Zeus had her first Jalapeño popper experience this meeting. Ace brought chips and dip that were very easy to munch on.

The wine that we drank was quite good, a white, a rosé, and a red. They were all good. There was also come Gatorade being consumed, it was red but I am not sure of the flavor.

After eating the movers went on to play a video game using bongos on the Nintendo game cube, Donkey Konga. It was fun, some movers really got into it, some were really good, and all had a good time.

Just Moved

Monday, September 12, 2005


I watched a show on the travel channel last night called Bizarre Foods: Asia. This chef ate a variety of strange foods including chicken bones, little bats, turtle blood in sake, turtle legs, a sausage made of organ meat, coagulated blood, and rooster testicles. The only food that he spit out was durian (a relative of jackfruit, which was plentiful at Waroeng). He said that it smelled awful and the fruit tasted like rotten onions. He couldn't swallow it because it tasted so bad.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad News Guys

In preparation for future a movers meeting I went to Philbrick’s Fresh Market to pick up a couple bottles of the Ravenswood Icon Syrah. They no longer have any of the 2001, only the 2002. I picked up a couple of bottles. Moxie and I tried it the other night to be sure it was still good. It is not up to par. It is very sad. I will keep the other bottle of 2002 I have and try it again in September, maybe it will be good then. Don’t worry; I do have other good wine to bring if needed.


Just Moved,

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September, 7th: Panda & Sakura

In attendance: Ace, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, and Zeus

This week the Movers once again traveled for a good meal. We went to York Beach ME. To Panda & Sakura, a great sushi and Chinese food place that used to be local but moved.

The food was awesome. We had an assortment of sushi rolls, including spicy Teka Maki, Scallion Yellowtail, avocado, and a sweet potato roll. We got an order of Toro Sashimi. Also ordered was some Basil Chicken. I believe that Solid ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken, The Count got LoMein, Wasabi ordered Pork Fried Rice, and Zeus ordered Vegetable Tempura. I also ordered some Crab Rangoons. I believe everyone enjoyed what he or she ordered. Some drinks were ordered but not to the extent of our last sushi trip to Sake.

One big event of the night was the introduction of sushi to Solids who was unable to attend the last sushi outing. What surprised some of us is that the raw fish was not what he disliked the most but the soy sauce.

Two complimentary fried bananas concluded the evening. They were good and a good conclusion to the meal.

Movers on Madison Street

In attendance: ace,moxie,mycroft,prag 3,solids,the count,wasabi,zeus

The most recent movers gathering was monumental for the count and I. We were very excited to welcome fellow movers to our humble abode. The moveable feast proved extreamly tasty as the tortilla espanola (two kinds), the sauteed mushrooms and peppers, cheese and fruit, and beef seemd to please the crowd. Well done the count. Moxie and Mycroft brought a wonderful wine, regretfully i do not recall the name. Forgive me for showing my inexperience. Zeus and Solids arrived with a yummy port in tow that the count and I have enjoyed this past week. Ace added gracefully to the ambiance of that last evening in august by brining a lovely arrangement of wild flowers. And last but not least Prag 3's Sangria was a hit. One of the most important aspects of the evening was the induction of Prag 3 who luckily did not fall prey to choosing france. See y'all this evening. -wasabi (always movin)

Friday, September 02, 2005