Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas with the Movers

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More to come - off to Waroeng now!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Rosa, Portsmouth

The Rosa - November 16th
Members in attendance: The Count, Moxie, Mycroft, Hot Sauce, Lady Aubergine, Prag 4. Zeus and Solids went with a tag- team presence for the event.
Prag 4 ate a tasty pizza with tomato, spinach, and cheese. The Count had beer battered Haddock. Hot Sauce ate one of the specials with an undercooked Gouda risotto. Zeus ate a pasta primavera. Lady Aubergine chose to eat eggplant parmesan that was more fry than eggplant. Moxie sat across from me, and even though I tasted her meal and know it was served with linguine, I can't remember what it was!
Overall, Movers agreed the food was not memorable. One merit to The Rosa came in the form of a rare steak. Mycroft was pleased with his steak, as it is a feat for many restaurants to achieve rare even when asked for it. Also, the atmosphere was far better than any Olive Garden or chain Italian place you might find. Lovely black and white photos (presumably) of the family and of Portsmouth hang in antique frames. You can find newspaper clippings from the early 1900's in the hallways. Also, I appreciated the traditional carafes of wine (the house red was better than the first bottle we chose, even if that's not saying much).
Though the food was mundane, the conversation was spicy! The Movers covered the issues that came up during the previous week's meeting and had very good discussion about our voting policies. Let it therefore be known that The Movers - after many wonderful side journeys- have agreed to a form of voting which is not yet named, but which we are sure will take off quickly in secret dining groups all over the globe. I will not try to explain the reasons behind the methods, as they are too complex for even I to understand, yet they are as follows: All Movers present must vote, even if the outcome seems obvious. A re-vote can be taken on any topic at any time. When voting, all Members of The Movers must vote in the affirmative, save for one; one member must vote No for the item to pass and be accepted as Mover's Rule. I like to think of this as Near Consensus with expectation, nay requirement! of an ornery individual to make the voting interesting. Others may see it as more spiritual or philosophical, but I'll let them speak to it themselves, should that be the case.
An enjoyable and high spirited evening!
- Lady Aubergine

Monday, November 14, 2005

Movers in LA! - Nov. 12th - El Fortin

Alright, boys and girls, I admit I had been losing faith.

I thought the Movable Feast had abandoned me.

Here I was in the Los Angeles area for the first time, cold (yes... strangely it has been quite chilly a lot of the time), alone (...well will 6 other people from my company...but I feel about these people how Mycroft feels about the general population of a saturday night movie theater), and surrounded by Jack-in-the-Box's and Denny's.

But then I was humbled once again as I accidently stumbled upon a place called El Fortin.

El Fortin looks like its just another room of the laundray mat that it shares a building with. It is tiny, drab, and from what I could tell - no one spoke very good english, although the menu had some english on it.

First thing: Cheap. Three of us ate, had appetizers, and drinks for $28.

Second thing: AMAZINGLY authentic. I went with a woman who is from Mexico and she was practically in tears. Apparently even up here in LA, most of the places are americanized. This was hard-core Oaxacan at its best. I have a tortilla with mole and Oaxacan cheese and chorizo and lard. Yes, lard wasn't just something they cooked with, it was listed as one of the spreads on the tortilla along with the mole.

Third thing: RIDICULOUSLY good! Moles. Moles. Moles. Spicey moles. Yellows. Reds. Browns. Tamales wrapped in banana leaves, with mole. Enchiladas with mole. Apparently the Oaxacans eat a lot of mole! Thank the Movable Feast!

So yes, brothers and sisters, I had been reminded that we may find the Movable Feast at anytime, anywhere.

And then... Chapulines.

El Fortín preps chapulines for consumption by soaking them overnight in chile powder and lime juice, then sun-drying them until they are nice and crunchy.

What are Chapulines?

Sometimes when you are most in need, lost in the wilderness, cold, alone - You don't find the Movable Feast. The Movable Feast finds you.

Chapulines are grasshoppers.

I ate grasshoppers, and to be honest, they aren't bad at all when you dip them in mole!

Ace, Ready to Move

P.S. I am going back there for breakfast right now.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

El Mexicano Jr.

This is going to be a really short post - because I figure it will work better if everybody writes about what they ate in the comments because there were so many differerent things going on.

In attendance:
Ace, Hot Sauce!, The Lady Aubergine, Zeus, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, Mycroft, Prag 4 and myself, Moxie.

The food was divine. I ate or participated in the eating of: chorizo tacos, deshebrada tacos, milanesa con papas (breaded steak with fries that was misleadingly decribed as steak covered in bread and fries) which came with deliciously divine beans and rice, tamales, and a gordita.

I loved the gordita which was like a mexican pita pocket - the pita being made of masa dough.

And my all time favorite still remains the chorizo taco. Fuckin' yum

We also held the induction of Prag 4 into The Movers, this being his 3rd meeting and all. On a sad note, this was a low point for The Movers as an organization. Not our best. Disorganization ruled the day, with everybody shouting at the same time while we stood outside El Mexicano Jr in the rain. Rules were called into question, and there was much debate about what the rules really were/are. We may have to hold a special and dedicated meeting in order to avoid such debacles in the future.

What should have been a happy occasion, inducting a new member after the finest meal in recent memory, was instead a travesty.

From: Ace

I have to say I completely disagree about how the night ended, I didn't see travesty at all. It was a fun experience all around and a little bit of political maneuvering and conflict just added to the spice of the night. So in this Mover's opinion, not a travesty at all.

And the food... since Moxie already broke the cursing barrier... fucking wow!

Chorizo tacos, Deshebrada tacos. I can't decide. I would travel the two hours back and forth for these every day if I could afford the gas. Just too good for words. Everything was wonderful. I ate pretty much everything that Moxie ate plus some Tostadas. Which were also quite awesome.

Ace, Ready to Move

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wings Your Way

Durham, NH

In attendance: Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, Solids, Hot Sauce!, The Lady Aubergine, The Count, Wasabi and special guests Prag 4, Thor, and Monique

First, a disclaimer for those reading who do not know me personally: I am a wing snob. I am a New Yorker, an upstate New Yorker to boot, and so it is in my blood. My parents schooled me in the ways of wing eating from a very early age. I am very very fussy about what I consider good wings, because I've eaten bucketloads of good wings. Good wings are as common as beer in NY.

Second, a rant: wings in NH suck. They truly do, in general. NH people frequently call tenders wings if they happen to be splashed with a little Frank's RedHot. They are in general rubbery (50% of wing quality is crispy-ness) and weak (50% is flavor of the sauce)(note: chicken quality is not super important, neither is atmosphere of dining establishment).

Despite many obstacles to pleasant wing eating experiences, I am willing to order buffalo wings anytime, anywhere, any day of the week in the off chance an acceptable experience is to be had. I am a desperate, fussy, snobby, hungry person.

Cutting to the chase: Wings Your Way is acceptable. Given no other acceptable alternatives on the seacoast of NH, I will revisit Wings Your Way early and often. If Wings Your Way were re-located to Buffalo, NY it would be stoned to death. I will not bring my father, wing eating titan that he is and current resident of upstate NY, to Wings Your Way. I will bring ex-New Yorkers and others desperate for decent wing experiences there.

Some notes:
  • the first 20 wings we ordered, in order to get the lay of the land, were the 'regular' (out of mild, regular, and way hot). These were crispy enough that we didn't flee, but had no flavor. When Lady Aubergine ordered 50 way hot, and told them not to pussy around, they offered us their 'special reserve' which kicked most of our asses.
  • Hot Sauce and Prag 4 did not get their asses kicked. Indeed, they should be awarded special medals of commendation
  • only 1 little tub of blue cheese (and crappy blue cheese at that) is free, the others are $.25 each. That is utter crap. I will badmouth these bitches over the point until the day I die.
  • All of the special guests proved their mettle in the hot food and wing loving department. I was going to suggest it should be a Mover requirement, but then I realized a. some people are vegetarians, and b. The Count.
  • Choices of beer are slim. Hot Sauce! argues that the choices were entirely appropriate, the choices being: Bud, Bud Light, and Redhook. Cheap beer only met to get you buzzed and cool down your mouth. It was cheap enough. The wings were not cheap enough - the largest order being 50 for $25. I believe this was Ace's biggest complaint about the place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Movers:PRI - Sept 24th - Lemi's Chinese BBQ

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Decided to trust Chowhound again after reading multiple Hounders talking about an authentic Chinese place in Providence. These were not the same people making this recommendation as the Mr. Taco bastards, so it seemed worth a try.

Definitely was.

Lemi's Chinese BBQ has the classic/morbid happy pig logo, as if the pig is REALLY happy that you are about to have him butchered and cooked for your eating enjoyment.

In the window hung all sorts of BBQed animals. Ducks, chickens, cuttlefish, a pig. Apparently this style of cooking is Hong Kong or Cantonese style BBQ. Peking Duck being the classic example you find in most chinese restaurants. The meat, mostly pork and fowl, is cooked standing up, with all the juices dripping down. The juices and sauce continue to drip down as they hang in the window.

We ordered half of a Scallion and Ginger Chicken, and a half of a Roast Duck. Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce and String Beans in Oyster Sauce (we ordered both in garlic sauce, but the oyster sauce was great anyway). Along with some white rice.

By the time we got back to Prag 3's place, the meats were cool so they had to be reheated. The fat, skin, and bones sketched Prag 3 out a bit, but in the end she was alright.

The meat was succulent and very flavorful. I was concerned that the very small containers of Hoison and Ginger/Scallion sauce would not be enough, but we barely touched them.

The Chinese Broccoli was awesome. Good snap to the stalks and great fresh flavor. The string beans were nice and soft and flavorful, and both of us poured some of the oyster sauce over our rice.

Overall a good meal, but I think if we went back again we might get pork or something else from the menu that wasn't BBQed. The presentation of the fowl with bones and such is a bit difficult to handle but in the end was really good.

Sept 21st - Mountain Pies Bonanza

In attendance: Wasabi, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Ace

The Mountain Pies Bonanza was hosted at the home of the Parents of Ace. They have a good firepit/fireplace out in their backyard nestled up against the woods, so it was the perfect location. Also they owned the Mountain Pie Makers, so it only made sense we did it there.

Unfortunately I was very late because I locked the food in the fridge at my work and could not get back inside, despite many attempts by Solids and Zeus and I. At one point Solids was discussing breaking into the building through a window with an air conditioner in it, but we decided against this plan.

More cheese and pepperoni was picked up and then we finally showed up for the Bonanza. Everyone else was already there and the fire was blazing, so although things got going a little late, it wasn't a disaster.

Mycroft and Moxier brought some great cheeses, cooked sausages, and bread as well as a very nice selection of Lebanese wines. This was in honor of the Mother of Ace who is 50% Lebanese, but she wasn't up for drinking. We drank her share for her.

Wasabi and The Count brought some more bread and some nice ham and cheese, and The Count provided us all with music on his guitar.

Mother of Ace gave us some last minute safety tips and then we were off.

Classic Pizza Mountian Pies were first up, along with some Ham and Cheese.

For those who don't know... this is a basic mountain pie...

Mountain Pie Maker. (Basically two slice of bread sized cast iron griddles that connect together on one hand, attached to long handles. The precursor to the countertop 'sandwich maker' they sell on infomercials.)
White Bread.
Butter or Margarine or Spray Butter Alternative.
Toppings/Stuffings (pizza sauce and cheese, pie fillings, etc.)

You 'butter' up your bread and put it butter side down into the two halves of the MP Maker. Then you put in your toppings. Classic Pizza is just pizza sauce and shredded cheese, and any additional pizza toppings you want. Then you close up the maker, the bread presses together and makes a seal and then you cook the whole thing over the fire, checking each side with a flashlight to see when its golden brown like a good grilled cheese.

For desert we had everything from Cherry Pie filling to Chocolate & Peanut Butter. There was even a wine soaked bread pie, but I can't remember what the stuffing was. According to Mycroft the wine soaked pie was nothing special.

Being the foodtard that I am, I tried a couple of different things.

1. Omelette.
Complete disaster, all the egg dripped out into the fire.
2. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker.
Completely burned on one side, but proved it could be done. Inside was a bit too soft.
3. Gluten Free Pancake, Closed Maker w/ Cherries and Chocolate.
Here I got too sure of myself from the last experiment and tries to make a pancake stuffed with cherries and chocolate. This never really cooked right and never sealed up. The inside was good though.
4. Gluten Free Pancake, One-sided Maker.
Decided to just go simple and cook a pancake in just one of the griddles, flipping it over by hand over the fire. This was my best success.

Oh and I also cooked a bunch of shrimp on a skewer.

It was definitely our most quiet and restful Movers meeting, but everyone seemed happy with that.

Ace, Ready to Move

Movers:PRI - Sept 18th - Tico's Cantina

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Okay, try number 2 for Mexican in Providence.

This was totally a spur of the moment thing. We were hungry and driving down this one road where everything seems to be and I said, let's just keep going, and then we hit Tico's Cantina.

Now I don't know if this is a chain, but it had the 'almost-a-chain' feel.

Like the menu and decorations were just plastic enough to probably be a chain, but obviously not on the level of like an Applebees. Maybe a regional chain.

Anyway, not 'authentic' mexican. And didn't really expect it to be. Just wanted something better than Mr. Taco, and overall it was.

With Tico himself looking over us, we looked over the menu.

Decided to go with some chicken and rice bowl for an appetizer. It was served with tortilla chips and definitely could have been a small meal itself. We devoured it quickly.

Prag 3 once again ordered a diet coke. I decided that whenever I was at a Movers:PRI meeting that had Sangria, I must order it... so I ordered a Sangria. This one was considerably lower on the GDD scale, but I decided it would be much more fun to drink using BOTH of the long straws that it was served with, thereby negating the seriousness of the drink and bringing it dangerously close to GDD.

I ordered the Del Mar Enchilada, with scallop, crab and shrimp. Prag 3 ordered a southwestern Chimichanga but ended up getting a Del Mar Chimi, so we both had seafood. But since it was pretty good, she didn't mind.

End Result: The food was pretty good. I ended up eating half of my enchilada and beans, and then Prag 3 and I ate it later that night. It was still pretty good hours later, so I guess this place scores better than Mr. Taco at least.

Ace, Ready to Move

Movers:PRI - Sept 11th - Mr. Taco

In attendance: Ace, Prag 3

Alright, so Movers:PRI is only two people right now. Ace of the original Movers cell, and Prag 3, who still needs a permanent name chosen.

The plan was to get some Mexican down in Providence, RI or the surrounding countryside. The task seemed impossible on our own so we turned to Chowhound.

Lo and behold, there was a place listed as good Mexican not by one but as many as three different Chowhounds, so we thought we hit gold! Nevermind the fact that the name of the place was Mr. Taco.

Yes, boys and girls, Mr. Taco.

Located in beautiful downtown West Warwick, a short trip south of the city of Providence, Mr. Taco is... simply put... amazing.

The exterior was just awesome.

We went inside and were quickly seated by the window overlooking a steep enbankment down to a muddy river, complete with spare tire. It was breathtaking.

Our waitress was very prompt and quickly took our drink order. Prag 3 went with her classic Diet Coke and I decided I wanted to try the Sangria. I wasn't expecting much, but here is a pic of what I got.

Awesome. Definitely a Girl Drink Drunk contender by the looks of it, and the taste did not let me down. Extremely heavy on the hard alcohol and 7-up, this is definitely one of the finest example of GDD I have come across that was masquerading as a Sangria.

Anyway, we were suprised to see a lot of the items on the menu actually sounded authentic. But were tempted by something on the appetizer menu called Dippers. Dippers was basically a skillet with black beans, seasoned ground beef, and spiced up cheese sauce that you dipped tortilla chips in.

This was surprisingly good. The black beans especially were tasty. Hard to mess up black beans you would think, but I have seen it many times, so I was pleasantly surprised. The chips were nice and thick and pretty tasty.

We decided on enchiladas for Prag 3 and Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo, I think, can never remember the name) for myself.

The rice tasted like rice-a-roni, but bad. Definitely not a treat. Admittedly I was comparing this to the same dish I bought in Costa Rica in the spring for $1.50 and LOVED, but even without that experience this would have been bad.

Prag 3 ate a little of her Enchiladas, but they were tasteless. The corn tortillas tasted like paper kind of. They tortillas made good chips, but bad enchiladas.

At this point we were just laughing and listening to some of the staff talk about getting hit by a car while we waited for the check.

End result: We knew going into this that a place called Mr. Taco was probably going to be bad, but this was just hilarious. We felt pity for those poor Chowhounders who actually consider this good Mexican food. But if you are looking for some good dip and a decent place to start off a night of Girl Drink Drunk, Mr. Taco is the place for you.

Ace, Ready to Move

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

September 14th: Burger Party

In attendance: Ace, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, and Zeus

This week Zeus and Solids hosted the movers. This was inspired by a gift that Solids received of a brand new grill. This was another experimental night with Solids at the helm, like the grilled cheese night.

This night too, was a great success.

On the menu:
Solids onion burger
The apple burger,
The blueberry burger
The popper burger
The onion ring/mozzarella stick burger
The sauerkraut burger, I think.

Corn on the cob
Chips and Dip (courtesy of Ace,)
Guacamole (courtesy of Wasabi and the Count)

Feudo Arancro 2002 Grillo Sicilia
Renswood 2003 Syrah Rosé, select series
Genesis Hogue Syrah 2000, Columbia Valley, Washington
Gatorade, Red

Unfortunately, we all forgot to take pictures.

Solids cooked up what he calls his onion burger. This burger, even though had a lot of spice added to it, was what Solids considers his standard burger. It may have been the least experimental burger but still very good. Next up was the apple burger. Solids finely chopped up an apple, granny smith (I think), and mixed it in with the raw meat. This was good but not what we wanted. Next time I think we all agree, more apples should be added or even a slice of apple in the middle of the burger. The blueberry burger was a little more successful; you could really taste the blueberry separate from the beef. It was fun, like blueberry ale. The popper burger was fun. Solids formed the patty around a precooked jalapeño popper. This cooked up really well. This will make a great green chili cheeseburger next time we make them. The onion ring/mozzarella stick burger is nothing more than future of hamburgers. Solids formed the patty around a precooked onion ring that had a precooked mozzarella sick in the middle. This was a giant burger, but really delicious. I do not know too many details of the sauerkraut burger. That was made for Ace who seemed to really enjoy it.

As a topping, Solids fried up some pepperoni, ham, and bacon. These were all fried up together and were crispy and good.

Wasabi and The Count brought a bowl of homemade Guacamole that was great. It was a fun side to the burgers. Solid cooked up a big pot of corn on the cob on the side burner of his new grill. It was really good and one of the few items Zeus could eat. Zeus had her first Jalapeño popper experience this meeting. Ace brought chips and dip that were very easy to munch on.

The wine that we drank was quite good, a white, a rosé, and a red. They were all good. There was also come Gatorade being consumed, it was red but I am not sure of the flavor.

After eating the movers went on to play a video game using bongos on the Nintendo game cube, Donkey Konga. It was fun, some movers really got into it, some were really good, and all had a good time.

Just Moved

Monday, September 12, 2005


I watched a show on the travel channel last night called Bizarre Foods: Asia. This chef ate a variety of strange foods including chicken bones, little bats, turtle blood in sake, turtle legs, a sausage made of organ meat, coagulated blood, and rooster testicles. The only food that he spit out was durian (a relative of jackfruit, which was plentiful at Waroeng). He said that it smelled awful and the fruit tasted like rotten onions. He couldn't swallow it because it tasted so bad.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad News Guys

In preparation for future a movers meeting I went to Philbrick’s Fresh Market to pick up a couple bottles of the Ravenswood Icon Syrah. They no longer have any of the 2001, only the 2002. I picked up a couple of bottles. Moxie and I tried it the other night to be sure it was still good. It is not up to par. It is very sad. I will keep the other bottle of 2002 I have and try it again in September, maybe it will be good then. Don’t worry; I do have other good wine to bring if needed.


Just Moved,

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September, 7th: Panda & Sakura

In attendance: Ace, Moxie, Mycroft, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, and Zeus

This week the Movers once again traveled for a good meal. We went to York Beach ME. To Panda & Sakura, a great sushi and Chinese food place that used to be local but moved.

The food was awesome. We had an assortment of sushi rolls, including spicy Teka Maki, Scallion Yellowtail, avocado, and a sweet potato roll. We got an order of Toro Sashimi. Also ordered was some Basil Chicken. I believe that Solid ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken, The Count got LoMein, Wasabi ordered Pork Fried Rice, and Zeus ordered Vegetable Tempura. I also ordered some Crab Rangoons. I believe everyone enjoyed what he or she ordered. Some drinks were ordered but not to the extent of our last sushi trip to Sake.

One big event of the night was the introduction of sushi to Solids who was unable to attend the last sushi outing. What surprised some of us is that the raw fish was not what he disliked the most but the soy sauce.

Two complimentary fried bananas concluded the evening. They were good and a good conclusion to the meal.

Movers on Madison Street

In attendance: ace,moxie,mycroft,prag 3,solids,the count,wasabi,zeus

The most recent movers gathering was monumental for the count and I. We were very excited to welcome fellow movers to our humble abode. The moveable feast proved extreamly tasty as the tortilla espanola (two kinds), the sauteed mushrooms and peppers, cheese and fruit, and beef seemd to please the crowd. Well done the count. Moxie and Mycroft brought a wonderful wine, regretfully i do not recall the name. Forgive me for showing my inexperience. Zeus and Solids arrived with a yummy port in tow that the count and I have enjoyed this past week. Ace added gracefully to the ambiance of that last evening in august by brining a lovely arrangement of wild flowers. And last but not least Prag 3's Sangria was a hit. One of the most important aspects of the evening was the induction of Prag 3 who luckily did not fall prey to choosing france. See y'all this evening. -wasabi (always movin)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thanks to the Movers...

Thanks to the Movers for the breathtaking induction/christening ceremony. Wasabi and myself shall always fondly remember the ocassion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 24th: Sake, Portsmouth

In attendance: Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, Wasabi, The Count, Zeus

This was one of my favorite Movers meetings. It was uproarious at times, and constantly fun. We started with drinks, some of us even before arriving at Sake. Ace, Mycroft and The Count had sake. Wasabi had beer. Moxie had a drink called a Woo-Woo, I don't know what was in it. And I had a Purple Haze, which is Chambord and sake. I liked my drink, but I didn't finish it because I had to drive. It was my first sake experience and I rarely drink, so when my face started to feel warm after about five sips, I thought it best not to finish.
The service was really bad, which apparently is unusual. At one point, the waitress seemed to be deliberately ignoring us. And I don't think Mycroft ever got a plate. The food, however, was very enjoyable. I don't know the names of anything, but the tuna was highly regarded. Ace ordered an assortment of sushi for everyone to share. We started with edamame and fried tofu. Both were very good. I had vegetable tempura and really liked it. Hopefully everyone else will fill in the food details because I don't know what exactly was eaten. For dessert, Ace had red bean ice cream and Moxie and I each had ginger ice cream. Moxie made the observation that the ginger ice cream tasted like egg nog. I agree.

Move Me

We had:
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Shrimp
  • Tuna Maki
  • Yellowtail and Scallion Maki
  • Eel Maki
  • Avocado Maki
  • Chili Tuna Maki
  • Special California Maki
All was good. The nice thing about Sake is that it is never something SPECIAL but consistently good. Although the service was absolutely horrendous.

And we did learn... through argument and eventually confirmation with Brother of Ace and Father of Ace, that Scrod is either a baby Haddock or baby Cod. Not a cut of fish, or its own species.

Ace, Ready to Move

Monday, August 22, 2005


Alert! We are being spied upon! This is the most popular blog in all foodie-blogdom, and he used the word lactard!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 17: Flatbread Company, Portsmouth

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine plus two “visitors.”
Apologies: Moxie

I have liked the Flatbread Company for a while now and I was quite pleased to introduce it to the movers.
It was not the best place for one of our foodtards. Everything contained Wheat. Even the blue cheese salad came with a soy dressing. Sorry Ace.

What was ordered.
We had a Punctuated equilibrium as an app, while waiting for other to arrive. The Calamata Olives and Goat cheese make this one of the saltiest items on the menu but still very good. This was a vegetarian option.

Two salads were ordered. I did not partake.

For the main course.
We ordered three flatbreads. First was the Carne Special, that was spicy chicken and pepper. If I remember correctly. Second was the sausage flatbread, which used to be my favorite. Solid said he enjoyed the sausage flatbread alot. Last was Zeus’s call on the completely Vegan option. It had all sorts of onion and tomato and such on it. I like this one as well. It was very sweet though, a lot from the onions, but still good.

Ace enjoyed a root bear float made from Maine Root beer and Annabell’s Ice Cream. He seemed to enjoy it but I forgot to ask. I have had one before and it was good. I had a couple of Woodchuck Hard Ciders. It is one of the few places around that serves Woodchuck and I think it complements the food rather well. Lady A. had a lemonade that was apparently too sweet and was later replaced with water.

After dinner the two “visitors” were taken to the whale lot and “offered an invitation to join the movers.” More on that later. But for now, until their official code names are confirmed, they will be know as Prag 1 and Prag 2. (spelling not confirmed)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

waroeng press

umm . . something about Indian at Shalimar?

Anyway, in last week's Wire, which I am just now getting around to reading, there is a huge article that gives some press to our beloved Waroeng and gives a lot of background information on the budding Indonesian community in the Somersworth/west seacoast area.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 10th: Shalimar

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine plus three visitors.

We went back here to appease Hot Sauce and Lady A. because they were not around the last time we met here. Also because we all love it.

The food was great. It is always great. It is Shalimar. Best Indian food around.

The only dish that was not love by all was the eggplant dish I suggested. Lady Aubergine did state that she was not a fan. At least we tried someting new.

I had ordered a Kingfisher and was alone on that front until two of the guests arrived. They both ordered kingfishers. It makes me feel better when someone else at the table orders a beverage.

This was the first introduction to a third visitor. I will hold on any judgements until voting day, if it comes. When the discussion came to food, she claims to make a good corn chowder. She may have to prove it.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mycroft at Jumpin' Jays

I went out to eat without any other movers. Sorry guys. It was another work "obligation." I went with two coworkers in hopes to convince one to stay with the company. We went to Jumpin' Jays Fish Café. Now, I am an adventurous eater and I will eat just about anything, but I am not a fan of fish (Sushi not included, it is a different food group.) I did not suggest this restaurant, but I have been there before and was not opposed to going again. Let me just say that this restaurant gave me such a complete and wonderful dinning experience that I may now have to elevate it to one of my top five restaurants in Portsmouth. The only reservation that I had about Jay's is that one of the last few times I was there I felt a little rushed. This was not the case.

The Meal

Our waitress.
She was an exceptional waitress that knew quite a bit about the menu and was more then happy to extend an opinion on the food and make suggestions. She answered our questions with courtesy and grace. She even interjected comments into a conversation that I was not all that comfortable with, and eased the tension. She was also quite pregnant.

We ordered the Steamed PEI Mussels with a spicy saffron cream, lemongrass, scallions, jalapenos & tomatoes. These were fantastic the jalapenos added so much to the dish. A little heat goes a long way. I also ordered a half dozen oysters, two different varieties from the Cape and one from the Great Bay. Any chance to eat raw food I take. They were great and my coworkers were not interested in sharing. Their loss.

I ordered the Pan Seared Diver Scallops tossed with baby spinach and minced shallots. On a recent trip to South Carolina I was warned of counterfeit scallops and that it is a major problem in the seafood industry. I was told that if I bit into a scallop and it did not have sand in it then I was eating a counterfeit that was made from shark. I was served real scallops, unless the counterfeiters got wise and started adding sand to the shark meat in their shark-meat/scallop-counterfeiting plant. It does not matter. What I ate was delicious. It was perfectly prepared and presented. If the counterfeiter took me, well, good jobs guys on a convincing product.

It is the most important aspect of any meal. First, I find it a little odd that a restaurant servering nothing but fish and seafood would even have a red wine selection. As I look over the menu I find it hard to see anything that I would pair with a red. I ordered a Riesling from Chateau d'Orchwihr. It was the only Riesling on the wine list. I was a little disheartened when I realized that the wine was from France and not Germany. No, the name did not give it away for me. It was my own fault for ordering by the varietals and not by region or specifics. The wine list was not the largest, but I feel I made a good choice nonetheless. The exact bottle was Chateau d'Orschwihr Riesling Bollenberg 2003. It was fantastic. This wine was semi-dry with a hint of fruit, a little apple and pear, but more stone fruit. The fruitiness was not the main aroma though; it was mainly a flowery/fresh cut lawn bouquet, but not perfume like. It went rather quickly.

Nothing finishes a good meal like an after dinner drink. One coworker went for scotch, Oban, I believe. I was not impressed. The other coworker asked, "What is Port?" After a long detailed explanation from myself, I believe I stared by saying "Well, during the 100 years war. . ." So she had the NV Cockburn's, 10 year tawny port. I figured this was a good introduction. She enjoyed it, and is now on her own to experience port. I on the other hand, ordered the NV Sandeman's 20 year tawny. The same thing happens no matter where I go, whatever port I order is out and I have to choose another, I took the waitresses recommendation and went with a Sandeman's reserve instead. It was quite good, very sweet and thick. It had lots of flavors of cherries and plums with a hint of ash.

Then we left. I would go back if asked and I may even recommend this one. One issue may be that, for three people, with two apps, three entrees, wine, port, and tip, it came to about $200. This may make it a special occasion place.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Here's a little pic and post about durian, that fruit that jackfruit was described as "less smelly than"

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August 3rd: Grilled Cheese @ Home of Mycroft & Moxie

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine (Plus more!)

I say it was a great success.

Some Movers decisions were made, although by a questionable legal process. My favorite quote was from the Lady Aubergine to Zeus and went something like "Did we want this to be a democracy?" and then to the group "Alright it can be a democracy this time." At some point it was decided that 'unanimous' votes within the Movers meant everyone but one. One dissenting vote would still be considered 'unanimous'. I bet there is a term for this kind of vote already, but we don't know it, so moving on...

There was also a gavel involved, but it didn't seem to mean much except as a prop for the Lady Aubergine. And when I made the assumption that I could ask for the gavel and be allowed to speak, I was told by the Lady Aubergine that I needed to tell her (publically) what I planned on speaking about before I could actually have the gavel and present it. The fact that the gavel appears to be a croquet mallet is mere coincidence.

For this night, however, Solids was the star of the event.

He showed off his mad skills by cooking grilled cheese of many varieties, in his soon-to-be-patented slow cooking style. Rumored and I believe even shown (though I wasn't always paying attention) to at times go beyond 45 minutes for a single sandwich.

Preparing the skillet

Some Classic Slow-Cooked Grilled Cheese

This superior slow cooking method also allowed for the ever elusive triple decker Grilled Cheese to show its face.

Early in the cooking process of a triple decker. (Correct me if I am wrong, Solids)

Personally, I was most excited about the gluten-free option. Moxie was kind enough to make me some gluten-free cornbread with just the right consistency to be able to be grilled. I decided to round this out with some smoked gouda cheese, and the result was wonderful. Thank you so much, Solids and Moxie, for letting Grilled Cheese back into my life. I think next time I would go with straight up white american cheese, just to bring it back as close to the old school sandwich as possible.

Gluten-Free Cornbread and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

And then came Solids' biggest challenge of the night. What I am calling Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese Pie. I only say Pie because of all the varying fillings and the shape, but to be honest this was as much a sandwich as anything that was made, and maybe more.

Ridiculously large cornbread to make Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese Pie/Sandwich

So Mycroft filled his ridiculously large cornbread pieces with a whole mix of things. I will let him list them, but I definitely saw bluecheese and goatcheese go in there. Along with some kind of vegetable/condiment. At this point I became overwhelmed and just sat back to see if this was going to work.

Mycroft's Monster Grilled Cheese over the heat.

At the flipping stage, there was a little bit of concern and some implement other than a spatula was called into play. (Again I wasn't always paying attention, so I am not sure what this implement was.) And thankfully, Solids pulled it off without a hitch. He then decided to finish off the melting process in the oven, and from what I remember it turned out great.

I personally do not recollect if I tried it or not... my mind was clouded by butter, cornbread, smoked gouda, and ginger beer.

Also, look for our new domain name very soon:

Next week, Shalimar!

Old Post:
... Okay. So this hasn't happened yet... but I am excited, what can I say...

Originally Solids was thinking this was not going to be a go, but he has agreed to give it a shot. Definitely need to go to Philbricks and get some supplies.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Waroeng, July 27th, 2005

In attendance: Hot Sauce, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine

Fine Indonesian Cuisine

220 Rte 108
Somersworth NH

I don't know if this qualifies as fine or not, because I've never eaten Indonesian before. But I do know that it was some damn good cheap eating, and I am excited to go back and eat more.

Heavy on the coconut milk, heavy on the spices. Heavy on the, "what is this?" Totally delicious. Insanely cheap.

Hot Sauce! and I started with some drinks:


We have here some avocado, some coconut chips, and some dark purple gelatin stuff in a pink sweet liquid. I liked everything, except the actual flavor of the gelatin when eaten alone.

I thought the gelatin tasted kind of soapy, really would like to know what it is but forgot to ask. The drink I think is a bit of an acquired taste but still appreciated it. -Ace

Ace also got a drink:

****(I don't remember what this was or anything, just that it had a surprising flavor for what it was) -Moxie****

This was an iced Jasmine tea. VERY strong flavor, really enjoyed it. -Ace

Here is Lady Aubergine modelling the very high quality chop sticks over our drinks, the name of which also escapes me:



Moxie's dinner. #4 Nasi Gudeg $5.95 (Young green jackfruit cooked w/ palm sugar & spices, chicken curry, bamboo shoot in spicy coconut soup & egg.)

I really enjoyed this dish. As did Moxie (I believe). The young jackfruit is what is pictured on the rice. The jackfruit from the main dish I ordered (not pictured) was cooked in coconut milk instead of the palm sugar. The flesh was almost like a meat it was so dense. Very tasty. - Ace


This was Hot Sauce's order: #9 Nasi Gudeg Special. $9.75 (more expensive because it was a combo) This is actually a combo plate of what Moxie got, #4, and #5 Ayam Goreng Kalasan (Indonesian Fried Chicken).

Hot Sauce and I especially loved the Fried Chicken. I just assumed it was going to be breaded, and was pleasantly suprised it wasn't. Arguably the best basic item on the menu, most especially for someone who is a little afraid to go too much out there with the other dishes. -Ace


This is what Ace ordered to share. #2 Soto Ayam Ambengan. $5.50 (Turmeric soup w/ Coconut milk, chicken, rice noodles & egg.)

It wasn't my favorite dish of the evening but I really wanted to try out a coconut milk based soup spiced with Tumeric. Definitely worth it! I would love to try a variation of this soup with potatoes I think, if I had any cooking skill...*Ace looks over at Moxie for a moment* ... all in all a really nice dish. And a ton of food, especially when you include the plate of rice they gave me with it! -Ace


Lady Aubergine's choice. #6 Lontong Sayur. $5.25. (Chicken curry, bamboo shoot in spicy coconut soup & egg.)

This might have been my favorite of the night. Lady Aubergine appreciated it, but the heaviness of the chicken curry mixed with coconut milk was a bit much for her. I tasted it early in the evening and thought it was nice, but when she was finished with it, I tried it again and loved it. The spicy sweet and savory all mixed together were great, and it seemed to get spicer as I ate it. Moxie really got into it as well if I remember correctly, and then Hot Sauce just devoured the rest! I want to bring the Father of Ace here and have him try it. If I wasn't going to order the Indonesian Fried Chicken, I would definitely order this. -Ace

Looking at the names of these dishes and the menu (which we plan on scanning and posting soon) I believe I have learned an Indonesian word ... Ayam ... Chicken!!! -Ace


Thursday, July 28, 2005


Despite having no idea what it is, many of us ordered dishes containing jackfuit last night at Waroeng. Wikipedia has a picture and a description, but it really didn't answer all my questions.

More fun, and more disturbing, is the related link at the bottom of the entry, where we get this picture:

The caption reads, "A moderately sized jackfruit; the largest tree-borne fruit."

I also like these appealing quotes from proscitech:

Jackfruit fondness grows with familiarity. The smell of a fully ripe fruit in an enclosed space may at first be unpleasant to some although the experience cannot be compared to the durian.

Before cutting the fruit, it is important to guard against the sticky latex. Immature fruit have more latex, so work near a sink and coat the knife, hands and the centre of the cutting board with vegetable oil.

It leads me to wonder, what is a durian?

Monday, July 25, 2005

July 20th: Pan Thai II

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Ace, the Lady Aubergine, and two potentials.

Finally that weird place on the corner that used to sell fish and ice cream has become a GOOD Thai Restaurant.

A couple that is friends with some of the Movers were in attendance. They were of course being observed and studied to see if they were worthy of joining, but were completely unaware. The male had a peculiar accent, but a really good story about his first attempt to use his Sea Kayak. His mate and him and I laughed quite a bit down at our end of the table, so they get my vote.

But back to the meal...

Pan Thai II is a significant improvement over (name-I-forgot) Thai restaurant that occupied the place before. Completely improved interior and the food is definitely top notch.

I was late due to work, and when I showed up everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I heard they had some sort of appetizer sampler, but once I arrived one of the potentials and I decided to have some fresh garden rolls. Definitely worth the price of admission right there. A little pricey, but a great way to start the meal.

Potential and I had some nice friend rice, his was Rainbow... which seemed to be a confusing name since it didn't seem that colorful. And mine was Pineapple, which was easy to figure out since it had Pineapple in it as well as a nice curry flavor. Both had chicken and shrimp.

I know that Solids had the Garlic Chicken, which he liked. Zeus had something vegetarian, I forgot which but she said she liked it as well. Hot Sauce and Zeus both made the mistake of ordering the sticky rice. It came in a really fun bamboo container but seemed to have significantly less that the white or brown rice. Also, the bamboo smelled a bit like 'burning'.

I will post restaurant info later, but definitely a repeat visit is in order. In fact Mother of Ace and Father of Ace enjoyed Pan Thai II themselves this weekend, based on my recommendation, and loved it. Father of Ace was especially excited abouthe Country Style Basic Chicken. Very hot and spice and very flavorful.

Ace, Ready to Move

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Solids reporting in. All Right!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Black Sunday Croquet - Drinks

To accompany the amazing meal cooked by Moxie, we had a couple of beverages. It is just as hard to serve a decent wine at a meal when some of the members do not drink and others only drink white and others only drink red, and others do not drink blushes. Just another eating disability as far as I am concerned.

First let me say that you can drink a white wine with red meat. In fact let me say that a good reisling goes really well as this night proved.

Bottle 1.
We started with a 2004 Vignoles from the Knapp winery in the Cayuga Lake area of New York. This is a bottle Moxie and I picked up while traveling the wineries of the region. This is a great white. I am not a big white guy, but I can appreciate it in the right season. This wine claims to be a semi-sweet but I thought it was sweet. The wine itself was a light yellow in color, maybe a little toward the greener side of the spectrum but very clear. Spinning the wine let out a bouquet of mostly apples with some berries and a little honey.

Bottle 2.
The second bottle was a 2004 riesling from Germany. The Relax Riesling from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer winery. This was another fruity wine but not nearly as sweet as the first. It also had a strong apple bouquet but with a peach undertone. This was a very refreshing wine and was very crisp. It is definitely worth the $11.99 price tag, if you can get past the ultra modern blue bottle with 80s modern typography. This bottle was polished off faster than any of the others;I was scrambling to chill more wine almost immediately after opening it. (Available at Philbrick's Fresh Market, Rt 1, Portsmouth)

Bottle 3.
Bottle three was a 2003 Framinette from the Goose Watch winery in the Finger Lakes region of New York. This wine is compared to a Gewurztraminer, and I love Gewurztraminer. This is the second bottle that we have gone through in as many weeks and believe I am now tapped out. Looks like the movers may be sending a recon mission to upstate New York, or maybe we could find a satellite member to get some more. To me this wine had a strong aroma of Pear and vanilla. The color was similar to the Vignoles but was a little clearer if at all possible. This was the driest wine of the night and it is quite good for an experimental grape developed by Cornell.

Bottle 4.
Dessert. We served the Cayuga Ridge Estate Cranberry Frost (non-vintage). A sparkling cranberry dessert wine. A delightful wine. Moxie felt that it did not go well with the Butter Pecan Ice Cream that she had made. I on the other hand was excited to see if complete opposites would go together. If the tartness of the cranberry would make the ice cream seem creamier and smoother and in return have the ice cream make the wine seam tarter. I think it was successful. After a couple of bites of ice cream the tartness of the wine was almost overpowering. The more sips you took of the wine the more smooth it became until you ate more ice cream. I enjoyed it.

We also had a four pack of Midas Touch on hand just in case the wine was not enough. Not quite beer not quite wine not quite mead. It is described a "Handcrafted Ancient Ale with barley, honey, white muscat grapes & saffron". It is very good.

Black Sunday Croquet Meal

Cooked by Moxie, same attendance as Black Sunday Croquet.

Moxie did it again... amazing meal. White polenta with (salted pork?), chard, pine nuts... Hanger steaks... some squash I can't remember the name of... so wonderful. Pictures to come soon.


It was Hot Sauce that kept saying my real name, and Tom picked up on it. Hot Sauce will confirm it since he apologized to me.

By that time my cover was blown, and no way was I going down alone, so codenames flew out the window.

Of course Egg outed herself at the first chance she got... but since I doubt any of the Croquet club will ever speak of us as anything more than those nice kids in Black, I am not concerned.

A skull and mallet tat was given to one of the members of the club. Who thanked us, but I am guessing it got tossed at the first opportunity.

Overall we were a hit. We got educated on the game. The croquet club learned that a bunch of kids in black can still be very polite and delightful.

Big big big thanks to Jim for hosting it all, he was great... he suggested we get an agent and go pro at one point... and of course Tom and Ilse.

When Ilse hiked up her skirt when it was her time to get in there and do an exhibition game, I knew she was there to PLAY! The loud angry groans at missed shots clinched it.

Ilse will always be an inspiration. Play on, girl!

And now THAT is the Truth!

Ace, Ready to Move.

Movers Croquet in Rye

Members in attendance: Mycroft, Ace, the Lady Aubergine (going simply as "Egg" for the day), Hot Sauce!, & me - Moxie

We arrived in one car, dressed all in black as planned, with our own croquet mallets. Hot Sauce! gets the award for ballsiest outfit - somewhat reminiscent of 80's German club-wear. The Lady Aubergine tried to foil the plan several times, afraid we were going to actually get involved in some sort of croquet turf war and be exposed for the non-croquet pros we actually are. But we persevered, and she gamely went along.

Several of the men in white, the real croquet players, were instantly happy to see us. We heard things like, "Check out the competition!" and "If they challenge us, say no." Everyone was really impressed and happy to see us, although I don't think anyone noticed our fake skull-and-mallet tattoos. People were taking our picture left and right, some woman took what seemed like an official picture and asked what our club was called. Ace promptly answered, "We're The Movers." She didn't even blink.

We started with a game of 9-wicket on grass, and were promptly exposed as not at all being able to play croquet. We didn't even know the rules at all. I have to say, I loved the tone of the whole day. Here we show up with our own mallets, don't even know how to play, and everyone still takes us really seriously and no one calls us out as the frauds we are (were - now we are croquet masters). Tom was our instructor for the 9-wicket, and we got our money's worth right there. We learned so much about the strategy and skilz, it was awesome.

Everyone kept asking us, "Where does your club play?" Oh, in backyards, we answered. Initially we were trying to be like, "Oh, we play a different style, on a really big court" stuff like that, but we gave that up pretty quick and just focused on learning everything we could.

Then we got a chance at the 6 wicket court, the built in Rhode Island sand one. That was really fun. The wickets are narrow, the mallets huge and heavy, the balls are maybe rubber? Ilsa was our instructor, and much as I love Tom, Ilsa rocked our party world. She kept saying really cute stuff in her thick accent, like, "Send him to the boonies! the boonies!" She also taught us a lot of technical shots, like the split shot, the stop shot - I can't remember any more.

We kept getting invited to play with people - but of course, they play during the day, when all us suckers work. Another moment I didn't witness, but Ace told me about later, was when one of the ladies in white, Marie, was trying to set us up with an instructor for the 6-wicket course and asked this man - didn't hear what he whispered to her, but she apparently responded, "oh no, don't worry, they're very nice." Like he was afraid of us, all dressed in black like that.

Two lowpoints, but not that big a deal: Jim, the owner of the place, convinced Hot Sauce! and the Lady Aubergine to buy a raffle ticket. So they go over, and ask Lorrine(?) to buy one. She looks at them, shakes the basket around a bit, then says, "Nope. We already started." Bitch.
The other thing is that Ace kept giving up our real names! Like he told Tom his real name, then when he gave one of our tattoos to another lady in white, he gave her Mycroft's real name. Not to nitpick, but whose always so concerned about the secrecy?

It was a really fun day, all in all, and we were there for hours and hours. Hot Sauce! and I both were figuring an hour, but we were there for 3 1/2. And it wasn't super crowded or anything. Definitely going to go back next year.

Later we had dinner at the beach palace. And drank some wine. And ate some homemade ice cream.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I promised Ace that I would write something about Martha's. I love the food. And the owners are very nice. Bugs bit me. It was a fun night. Solids and I went there again for lunch on Friday. And I think we ate the same meals we had on Wednesday.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Kusa & Cousa

I originally found that Kusa was the arabic term for the vegetable we ate at Martha's. Moxie has informed me that in most English/American cookbooks the spelling used is Cousa. So whichever you prefer. It still is damn tasty.

Ready to Move.

July 13th: Martha's

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hotsauce, Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine


Martha's (Pronounced Marta's) is definitely one of my favorite places in the area. Cheap (7 of us ate well for under $100). Lebanese-American food... but no one I know has ever ordered anything but the Lebanese food. The place is run by Joe and his wife Martha, they(she) all the cooking. Their daughter Tanya covers cash register and works the tables, all 4 of them.

This night it was just Martha and Tanya, and the place was overflowing both with inside customers and to go orders. Martha looked especially drained, but she still cooked a wonderful meal.

The Movers waited for their food at the outside Picnic tables, but finally succumbed to the biting flies and had to move indoors to squeeze around a couple tables pushed together. Definitely worth it though, given the great time we had.

The menu included:
All: Hummous and Tabouleh, Flat Bread, Simple Salad
Zeus: Hummous and Meatless stuffed Kusa
Solids: Sirloin Kabob w/ Rice and Lamb Pie (Kafta, Meat Kusa)
Moxie: Lamb Kabob w/ Rice and Lamb Pie (Kafta, Meat Kusa)
Ace, Hotsauce, the Lady Aubergine: Kafta w/ Rice, Chicken Kabob w/ Rice, Lamb and Rice stuffed Kusa

Zeus did not have any of the Tabouleh because as she said: "Its not that I didn't like the Tabouleh, I just didn't like the Tabouleh." Zeus isn't a big fan of the strong lemon flavor. Being Celiac, I was not able to enjoy it either - since as I am sure most of you know, it is made with cracked wheat.

Solids and Moxie were also not big fans of the Lamb Pie, because of the combination of Allspice and Lemon (I believe). Possibly cinnamon as well, but in my experience allspice in Lebanese cooking often tastes cinnamony. Given I grew up with these flavors mixed together, the filling tasted wonderful to me, but I wasn't able to eat it - again, Celiac.

kafta & rice pilaf, lamb kebob in background

Everyone who had the Kafta seemed to really like it. Very juicy and the spices really enhanced the lamb flavor. Sirloin and lamb kabob were wonderful as always. The chicken kabob was a bit dry and a tad too lemony in my opinion, but no one else seemed to mind as it was gone by the end of the night.

kusa - hollowed out & stuffed - no easy culinary trick! I know, I've tried!

Definitely the star, in my opinion, was the Lamb and Rice stuffed Kusa. Kusa is a small Lebanese squash that they hollow out from the very top and then stuff with a Lamb and Rice mixture. When baked the squash holds together very well, but is tender and soft in the mouth. Slices along the Kusa make these great little 'chips' of squash around meat which are just fun to eat. A light tomato sauce is poured over the top, just enhaning the entire dish. A meatless version was ordered for Zeus, who enjoyed it, but Mycroft, Moxie, and myself REALLY enjoyed the lamb stuffed version. I brought two of the meatless ones home for Mother of Ace, who is herself half-Lebanese American. I will report on her enjoyment when I hear.

Mycroft was given permission by Moxie to finish off the Kusa.

Pics coming soon from Moxie!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 6th: Jamaican Jerk Center

In attendance: Mycroft, Moxie, Solids, Hotsauce, the Lady Aubergine

Jamaican Jerk place in Maine. Recommended by Moxie. I was scared given I had been to a BAD Jamaican place in Maine, located in an old German restaurant that still had ridiculous painted scenes of Germany on the wall.

My second missed Movers meeting. Very disappointed... but I was in Jersey... eating at Bennigans... yes, horrible, but not my choice...

Zeus also missed this place, but not sure why. And probably a good idea since I doubt there was a good vegetarian option. As Moxie said even the rice was cooked in chicken broth.

Apparently all that attended liked it, but I am not firm on this. I will find out. Solids liked it! Whoohoo! Score! Goooooooaaaaaalllll!

Next week (today) is going to be Martha's. A favorite Lebanese joint. Will report soon!

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]

June 29: Los Coco's Tacos

In attendance: Solids, Zeus, Moxie, Hotsauce, the Lady Aubergine

So the taco place in Kittery, no freaking idea what its name is... but I missed it anyway. Hurt my back, couldn't really go out.

So this was meeting 1 of The Movers I missed since its conception.

To add insult to injury, this was the first time that Hotsauce and the Lady Aubergine joined the collective. And Mycroft was also not able to make it due to some work concern.

What I hear is that everyone seemed to like it

I did go to this place that weekend on my own, and thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Mole Enchiladas. The Mole sauce was awesome. Definitely brought me back to the La Cucaracha (sp? The Cockroach in English I guess...) days in St. Paul, MN.

... which reminds me... Buca's! ... I don't care what they did to it nowadays... will always be my all time favorite place. Definitely a precursor to the Movers, and forever stamped in my brain as an inspiration to any restaurant I may one day start on my own... sigh... such happy hedonistic days...

"I am sorry sir, we do not take reservations" "Michael? Hello, this is (Ace's real First and Last name)! Do you think there is any chance 8 of us will be able to get in around 7 o'clock?" "Oh Mr. (Ace's real Last name)! Yes yes of course, we will have a table for you. Always happy to have you."

Okay. So this is pure and simple bragging. But c'mon, I often make friends with owners and hosts of restaurants... a combination of my personality and the ridiculous sums of money I have dropped in their places, even when I could not afford it... but Buca's was the single most wonderful example of this in my life. If I die with this being the only example of ever feeling like a VIP, I will be happy.

Anyway... enough is enough... Taco place is good. I will post the name when I remember to ask Moxie about it. (Update: Los Coco's Tacos, thanks Moxie!)

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]

June 22: Hibachi

In attendance: Solids, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Ace

Fun. The chef we had was the best in the joint, and definitely put on a good show. There was a moment or two that Moxie and I were in danger of being decapitated, but we took it in stride.

It wasn't the best example of a Japanese steak house, but definitely worth going for most of us. Lots of steak and shrimp were enjoyed. Most everyone really liked the fried rice, including Solids who is arguably the most picky of all the Movers. (Mover profiles are coming soon, so you will get to know a bit more about what I mean with Solids.)

Two issues though...

1. The people next to us were annoying and ignorant, not as bad as they could have been... but yours truly was the one who had to sit next to them. They ordered sashimi but then couldn't pronounce the word. Then didn't like it at all... No way in hell I wanted to pick off their food, but it pained me to watch two slices of decent tuna go toward the garbage pile. Mycroft had threated to kill these people, but restrained himself.

2. Zeus, our token vegetarian, had to order from the kitchen since otherwise her food would be cooked right in with the meat and such on the mail grill in front of us... Unfortunately the chef scooped up some beansprouts (thank you for the clarification, Moxie) from the grill, well seasoned with shrimp, beef, and chicken, and then dumped it on her plate ontop of her food. Luckily she was mostly done at this point, but there was a groan heard from most of the Movers as soon as it happened.

Go back, yes. But maybe not for awhile.

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]

June 15: Shalimar

In attendance: Solids, Zeus, Moxie, Mycroft, Ace

Great as always.

Vegetarian dishes actually seemed to be better than the meat ones, but that is standard @ Shalimar. That is not to say the meat was bad, far from it.

Gil was as always his incredibly friendly and welcoming self. Love that man.

Solids and Zeus both seemed to like the food, but Solids remembered me bringing him there years ago and really liked it. Not sure how it compared to then.

Kheer and Masala Tea were just as good as I remembered... must try to return soon.

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

June 8: Lindbergh's Crossing

So this was the first official night of The Movers.

Founding members:

Wonderful meal, but not at the usual Exceptional level of the Crossing. Was a bit disappointed for that, but overall happy.

Ready to Move.

[Since this is being posted much later, I cannot remember what specifically was enjoyed, will record this in the future.]