Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Warrens Lobster House, Kittery, 9/26/07

In attendance, Mycroft, Moxie, Zeus, The Count, and Wasabi, and Solids.

We did it. We had to. It is required if you live on the seacoast to go to Warrens Lobster House. First of all we showed up on a Wed night at 7pm in the end of September and had to wait for over a hour for a table. It was really odd, it was not all old people as you would think. We were able to sit in the bar area and have a couple of drinks while we waited. Bonus, the mixed drinks came in pint glasses.

When were were seated at the table I think I should mention that on September 29th, there was a Christmas tree in the corner. It did not necessarily look like they were early for the decorations this year, just kinda, why take it down if we just have to put it back up in 11 months attitude.

So the giant lit sign says "Seacoast's Finest Salad Bar". We all got it with our meals. Someone has told Wabasi beforehand that the Salad bar was safe. It was safe. Everyone enjoyed it. Is it the "Seacoast's Finest Salad Bar"? I hope not. It is mainly generic salad bar stuff with Sysco type food on it, but since we have not been to any other salad bars in the seacoast, or know of any, i guess it is true (for now).

The meals were all fine. The count had Jambalaya that he liked. Zeus had the one entree under the "meatless" category, which was Ziti, and she said it was good. Solids had ribs. Wasabi said the mussels were good. Moxie enjoyed the chowder. Would we go back? I don't think we are in a rush to.