Friday, August 03, 2007

Sakurabana for Wasabi's Birthday, Portsmouth, NH

In attendance: Lady A, Solids, Birthday Movers "Jean" and "Josh", Zeus, The Count, Wasabi, Mycroft, and Moxie

It's sushi! What's not to love?

I continued my love affair with crab and ordered the spicy crab cakes to start. There were some Wasabi shumai in honor of the birthday Mover, and a couple orders of edamame.

Then, sushi all around with one notable exception. Solids ordered a dinner bento box with teriyaki and bbq. Everyone was pretty pleased, because, of course, it's sushi!

So good pick, Wasabi!

The Ice House, Newcastle, NH

In attendance: Hot Sauce!, Lady Aubergine, Zeus, Solids, Wasabi, Mycroft, & Moxie

I've been on a Maine crab kick and lobbied heavily for The Ice House after spotting Maine crab rolls on their menu. Lady A and I both enjoyed the crab rolls and we were both very pleased. I will be returning for more crab rolls before the end of summer. In fact, there is a heavy lobby to return to the Ice House before the end of September because it was so beloved by all.

Mycroft and Solids had burgers, which they loved. Solids had fried haddock, and Wasabi had a chicken and vegetable pita pocket sandwich thing, which she proclaimed excellent. While not at Wheelies onion ring standards, the onion rings were more than decent, being made on the premise and having the thin crunchy batter that I like (vs. the thick shellacked on kind where there is more batter than onion). The fries were good, too.

And, of course, there was ice cream! Lots of giant kiddie cones and a sundae - pleasing.

And wicked cheap.

rating: 4 golden monkeys (in our new, voted upon and unanimously agreed upon rating/voting system)