Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waroeng Redux

Present: The Count, Wasabi, Prag 4, Hot Sauce!, Ace, Mycroft, Solids, Zeus, and myself (Moxie).

Our second trip to Waroeng was not as successful as the first. I really can't put my finger on it - maybe it was the larger crowd, maybe it was it not being so new and different and crazy. Certainly the fact that the dish we were counting on for one of the foodtards was not available that night was problematic.



The poofy cracker things were a big hit for all. Ace totally messed with Solids, telling him Indonesian curry was similar to Indian curry - not sure where he thought that was going to go once the food arrived. I liked Solids food better than mine, so I ate his. I think Mycroft might have eaten mine. There was a lot of meal swapping.



I think this was mine - a sort of cold salad with a peanut sauce and a shrimp cracker. I think I thought the cold salad would be noodles - but it was iceberg lettuce.

meaty spicy goodness - with hardboiled eggs



We got two orders of the chicken satay - the first was the bomb. The second, they rushed for us, but rushing chicken is . . .um . . . a bad idea.

Overall, although we were all kinda meh about this visit, I think it was more our bad for not ordering well. We got careless and crazy. But we'll definitely be going back.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pirates v. Ninjas

Or, a tale of the best birthday ever. By Moxie the Pirate.

*** Before you continue, you need to get pumped. I mean really pumped. ***

First, I was attacked by ninjas. Then I was kidnapped by Pirates. Then we arrived at The Blue Mermaid, in Portsmouth NH. Our waitress took our drink orders, which were all totally ridiculous girl-drink-drunk-drinks, then left for a long time while we were regalled by readings of scripts from Real Ultimate Power. (click on no, just once. Just for fun . . . Ha! You're a baby!)

Then I received the best presents ever. Then we ordered some food.

Lady A's meal: Island Rubbed Grilled Pork Loin (I'm cheating and using the online menu. I don't remember at all - so feel free to correct me.)


The Count's Shrimp


Wasabi's meal.


From the Puffy sleaves I surmise this is Solids' meal. Note the emphatic hand gestures. I guess it is some sort of barbecue.


Zeus' meal of three vegetarian sides. I think she liked her green beans, but that is her favorite vegetable anyway. I vaguely recall her being 'meh' about both forms of sweet potato, but I'm not sure. Honestly, I don't know what I was paying attention to that night but it wasn't the food for once - I was much more interested in the conversation and the entertainment.


Mycroft's meal. I *loved* this barbecue not as barbecue but just the sweetness of it in general. Mycroft was mad because he ordered it hot and it wasn't hot in the slightest. I think it was supposed to be Jamaican Jerk but it wasn't at all, so in that regard it was very dissapointing.


I forget what these were. Prag4 ordered them and I sat next to him so I got to eat one. They were pretty good. Apparently I wanted you to see a ginormous photo of them.


My sort of fish tacos.


My garlic mashed potatoes. Ok.


The wonderful chocolate cake.


Prag 4 and Hot Sauce! also ordered bowls of chowder, which they liked but judged as soupier than chowdier.

And then the Pirates busted out and kicked all the Ninjas asses. The ninjas exploded because of all the blood pressure in their boners and then the sharks came because of all the blood and ate their carcasses.

The end.