Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad News Guys

In preparation for future a movers meeting I went to Philbrick’s Fresh Market to pick up a couple bottles of the Ravenswood Icon Syrah. They no longer have any of the 2001, only the 2002. I picked up a couple of bottles. Moxie and I tried it the other night to be sure it was still good. It is not up to par. It is very sad. I will keep the other bottle of 2002 I have and try it again in September, maybe it will be good then. Don’t worry; I do have other good wine to bring if needed.


Just Moved,

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plentyo'moxie said...

Try it again next September is what we mean - it is just raw tasting. Young bright berry, a little acidic - not at all what you want from a syrah. I wanted to cry that they didn't have any more 2001. Does anybody remember how great the 2001 Yellow Tail Syrah was? I haven't liked a Yellow Tail since that year . . .