Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thai Paradise, Portsmouth, 9/19/07

In attendance, Myroft, Moxie, Zeus, Solids, The Count, and Wasabi.

When asking around about Thai Paradise everyone seemed to say the same thing, the Pad Thai is awesome. That was the only information we had going into the restaurant. So in true movers fashion no one ordered the Pad Thai. It had some good points and some bad points and the general feeling is Meah. The first downer was that there was no bar. When eating this type of food I like to have a drink that has pink umbrella in it.

When I ordered my meal I asked for it spicy and the waiter asked how spicy, 1-5. I said 4 but quickly changed to 5 after a comment from Solids. It was good and spicy but I don't think it was a 5.

The food had fairly good flavor all around but no one expressed an super desire to return right away. Solids rated it a Meah-, Wasabi gave it four Monkeys and Zeus gave it 17/34.

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