Thursday, July 28, 2005


Despite having no idea what it is, many of us ordered dishes containing jackfuit last night at Waroeng. Wikipedia has a picture and a description, but it really didn't answer all my questions.

More fun, and more disturbing, is the related link at the bottom of the entry, where we get this picture:

The caption reads, "A moderately sized jackfruit; the largest tree-borne fruit."

I also like these appealing quotes from proscitech:

Jackfruit fondness grows with familiarity. The smell of a fully ripe fruit in an enclosed space may at first be unpleasant to some although the experience cannot be compared to the durian.

Before cutting the fruit, it is important to guard against the sticky latex. Immature fruit have more latex, so work near a sink and coat the knife, hands and the centre of the cutting board with vegetable oil.

It leads me to wonder, what is a durian?


zeus said...

I am sorry to have missed the experience of the pungent latexy goodness of the jackfruit.
Did it taste good?
I looked up durian and it is a "large, oval tasty but foul-smelling fruit with a prickly rind."
I don't typically like to eat things that are foul-smelling.

Mycroft said...

After looking at that picture, I think it should be a goal of everyone to eat something bigger than their head.

plentyo'moxie said...

the jackfruit was tasty, as far as I could tell - it seemed more of a vehicle for the flavors of the dish. I'd like to try one plain, just to see. overall the food was so good at this place - i really can't wait to go back.