Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Waroeng, July 27th, 2005

In attendance: Hot Sauce, Moxie, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine

Fine Indonesian Cuisine

220 Rte 108
Somersworth NH

I don't know if this qualifies as fine or not, because I've never eaten Indonesian before. But I do know that it was some damn good cheap eating, and I am excited to go back and eat more.

Heavy on the coconut milk, heavy on the spices. Heavy on the, "what is this?" Totally delicious. Insanely cheap.

Hot Sauce! and I started with some drinks:


We have here some avocado, some coconut chips, and some dark purple gelatin stuff in a pink sweet liquid. I liked everything, except the actual flavor of the gelatin when eaten alone.

I thought the gelatin tasted kind of soapy, really would like to know what it is but forgot to ask. The drink I think is a bit of an acquired taste but still appreciated it. -Ace

Ace also got a drink:

****(I don't remember what this was or anything, just that it had a surprising flavor for what it was) -Moxie****

This was an iced Jasmine tea. VERY strong flavor, really enjoyed it. -Ace

Here is Lady Aubergine modelling the very high quality chop sticks over our drinks, the name of which also escapes me:



Moxie's dinner. #4 Nasi Gudeg $5.95 (Young green jackfruit cooked w/ palm sugar & spices, chicken curry, bamboo shoot in spicy coconut soup & egg.)

I really enjoyed this dish. As did Moxie (I believe). The young jackfruit is what is pictured on the rice. The jackfruit from the main dish I ordered (not pictured) was cooked in coconut milk instead of the palm sugar. The flesh was almost like a meat it was so dense. Very tasty. - Ace


This was Hot Sauce's order: #9 Nasi Gudeg Special. $9.75 (more expensive because it was a combo) This is actually a combo plate of what Moxie got, #4, and #5 Ayam Goreng Kalasan (Indonesian Fried Chicken).

Hot Sauce and I especially loved the Fried Chicken. I just assumed it was going to be breaded, and was pleasantly suprised it wasn't. Arguably the best basic item on the menu, most especially for someone who is a little afraid to go too much out there with the other dishes. -Ace


This is what Ace ordered to share. #2 Soto Ayam Ambengan. $5.50 (Turmeric soup w/ Coconut milk, chicken, rice noodles & egg.)

It wasn't my favorite dish of the evening but I really wanted to try out a coconut milk based soup spiced with Tumeric. Definitely worth it! I would love to try a variation of this soup with potatoes I think, if I had any cooking skill...*Ace looks over at Moxie for a moment* ... all in all a really nice dish. And a ton of food, especially when you include the plate of rice they gave me with it! -Ace


Lady Aubergine's choice. #6 Lontong Sayur. $5.25. (Chicken curry, bamboo shoot in spicy coconut soup & egg.)

This might have been my favorite of the night. Lady Aubergine appreciated it, but the heaviness of the chicken curry mixed with coconut milk was a bit much for her. I tasted it early in the evening and thought it was nice, but when she was finished with it, I tried it again and loved it. The spicy sweet and savory all mixed together were great, and it seemed to get spicer as I ate it. Moxie really got into it as well if I remember correctly, and then Hot Sauce just devoured the rest! I want to bring the Father of Ace here and have him try it. If I wasn't going to order the Indonesian Fried Chicken, I would definitely order this. -Ace

Looking at the names of these dishes and the menu (which we plan on scanning and posting soon) I believe I have learned an Indonesian word ... Ayam ... Chicken!!! -Ace



Hot Sauce! said...

I must say, I hope this place gets some good steady business but not too much. Mainly I want them too stay open and keep feeding me. But, secondly, I recognize that they could charge more for the same food especially if they spruced up the environment a bit.

Honestly, though, I loved the sandwich-shop style look and feel of it. Throw away plates on plastic trays and the awkward sounding noise when you open the door were pretty cool. And once we started eating it was like finding the prince in paupers clothing.

I will go out on a limb and name this the FIND OF THE SUMMER.

plentyo'moxie said...

Whoa! The summer is only half gone! But, I'm going to have to agree with you, Hot Sauce!, definitely the find thus far.

I am so psyched about our potential first Indonesian word. . . . I just did a little googling, and it confirms your hypothesis - ayam is chicken!

As for the coconut curry soup with potato, we shall see, o foodie one, we shall see . . .

Mycroft said...

"Trust in the lord with all your heart" What a great banner. Did anyone ask about this? Did anyone catch the subtitle? I can't make it out in the photo.

Ace, Mover said...

We did not ask but I have some more intel gathered from my day job, posing as my alter ego...

Apparently there is a very vibrant Christian Indonesian Community in Somersworth. There is one specific church that seems to have a very large amount of very large Indonesian family events.

Or so I hear.

There was also a message of Christ on the cash register. I don't mean tapped to it, I mean the digital display that showed how much you owe had a scrolling message that I think said "Jesus loves you." Which was pretty cool because I didn't even know you could do that with a cash register.

And I have to agree with Hot Sauce and Moxie... Waroeng = FIND OF THE SUMMER!