Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Well Dressed Hog

In attendance: Mycroft, Moxie, Solids, Wasabi, and The Count

Apologies: Zeus and Movers outside of county.

Since Zeus was not with us we decided on meat-fest. Given the choices of Goody Coles, which some of us had only a couple of weeks ago, and The Well Dressed Hog, which only Moxie and myself had been to, we chose poorly.

We started the night with an order of Buffalo chicken wings. Here they are smoked before they are deep-fried. When they came, they just looked scary. The flavor was primarily smoke and there was no real spice to them. There was a sauce on them that looked like “a melted cheese-like product”. They were not spicy.

terrifying wings from the well dressed hog
terrifying wings

What we all ordered. I believe that Wasabi ordered the Pulled Pork Bar-B-Que Sandwich. The Count ordered a Cup of the Chili. Solids ordered a Build your own combo plate with Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, corn on the cob, and corn bread. I ordered the Plate O’Hog Bar-B-Que Combo plate, consisting of: Pork spare ribs, Smoked Sausage, Pulled Pork, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. Moxie had a little trouble ordering. First she ordered the chicken fried steak. They did not have any. Next she was going to go for the all you can eat pasta, but it was only valid for the spaghetti with marinara sauce and not the penne with garlic sauce. Apparently penne is not pasta in the eyes of the Well Dressed Hog. They said they would add broccoli to the spaghetti for a dollar more. Moxie finally ended up ordering the smoked sausage and chilly sub. Wasabi ordered a side of fries and Moxie ordered a side of onion rings.

combo plate
Solid's combo plate

a different combo plate
Mycroft's combo plate

The Count's Chili

I was originally saying that compared to Goody Coles the food was not as good, but that may not be it. I am beginning to think it just was not very good at all. I can say my food, was not very exciting. The smoked sausage was the best. It was very flavorful and well cooked. My mashed potatoes were good and garlicky. The ribs I thought were very tough, and stuck to the bone. I did not enjoy them. The pulled pork was nothing special, I thought it could use more vinegar. I tried Solids brisket and it seemed way to tough. When Moxie’s sub came out, the cheese on the top was melted Kraft squares, and it was a little let down. Solids was unable to finish his combo plate due to the large amount of grease that was flooding the bottom of his platter. It may not have been so bad if his platter was not the cardboard type, because as time passed his plate was becoming more and more transparent. The corn bread made me angry.

bbq sandwich
Wasabi's pulled pork sandwich

sausage chili thing
Moxie's sausage and Kraft

Some things were good. Moxie and I discovered a new beer that we like, Rouges Dead Guy ale. Wasabi’s fries were good. Moxie’s onion rings, were definitely out of a box, but not bad. I may be coming off a little harsh. The food was not terrible, a lot of the flavors were spot on just the production was not up to par. It was a quiet night, and we were the only ones there, which may have had something to do with it. I think we all enjoyed ourselves but I think next meat-fest we’ll try someplace different. The odd part is that at the end of the meal I packed up all the unfinished food and brought it home. No one else wanted it, and it seemed wasteful at the time. Now we have a bunch of greasy meat at home that I have no idea what I am going to do with.

Just Moved,

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plentyo'moxie said...

looking at the pictures now, I can't believe we even put any of those wings in our mouth. We must have been starving. And for the record, we threw the nasty greasy meat out.