Monday, March 13, 2006

Flatbread, with special guests, The Spaniards!

In attendance: Mycroft, Solids, Zeus, The Count, Wasabi, Nacho, Anna, and myself, Moxie.

Many bets were placed in the week leading up to meeting Nacho, The Count's younger brother. Was Nacho his real name? If so, does that automatically make him a Mover since he already has a Mover name? Would he be just like The Count, a wild and crazy guy devoted to beer and good at debating? Or would he be the polar opposite, short and stubby (this was Mycroft's bet), very mellow and laid back.

The Count and Wasabi wisely chose Flatbread in Portsmouth for this infamous meeting. We ordered the specials - they were awesome. Something about chicken and barbeque sauce on one and artichokes and . . . . I can't remember. There was too much else going on.

FIRST, The Count showed up with a moustache. This was not just any moustache, it was an intense moustache he had grown basically overnight. When we commented on it, The Count suggested the adjectives we were all looking for: he now resembles an 80's California porn star. Apparently, I was the only one unfamiliar with the various decades and regions of porn genre. Wasabi, Mycroft, and Solids kindly explained in amazing techno-color detail what these all were.

SECOND, The Count's brother Nacho is *exactly* like The Count in the following respects: he loves beer, he loves to argue and debate. In particular, The Count and Nacho were arguing over a bet they had made, something to do with a particular style or brand of guitar used by a particular musician. Wasabi thought the issue had been settled that morning, but no, they were still arguing.

Since we *heart* The Count, we also *hearted* his brother, Nacho. Plus, his name is Nacho. Anna was cool, too. I especially liked her haircut. And the food and beer were good.

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