Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brewery Lane Tavern, from a long time ago

I can't remember exactly when we went there. I know it was around the end of February or the beginning of March, because part of the reason we went there was to celebrate The Count and Wasabi's new condo ownership a stone's throw away.

In attendance: The Count, Wasabi, Solids, Zeus, Mycroft, and myself - Moxie.

Overall, there were fairly strong feelings in both directions about this place. Initially, there was enormous apprehension, because of BLT's website. It looks like hos and trash love this place. I'm outing Zeus here - she totally tried to back out of going. Seriously, check this website.

But it def isn't as scary as the website. Actually, its kinda nice in there. All big booths and wood and a fireplace. And lots of men. Not so many hos.

On the way there we ran into Al, ex-brother-in-law of Hot Sauce! who recommended the Gumbles, which as far as I can tell are chicken tenders pretty much. I am documenting this poor recommendation in the event that evidence of Al's lack of foodie-skills be called for. Although our lackluster reponse to said Gumbles may be our own bad ordering skilz, because we got the sauce on the side in our excitement to get 2 sauces.

Things turned around with the entrees. There were many burgers ordered, all of which were enjoyed. Wasabi got fajitas, which were awesome, and The Count got fish, which was also awesome. Zeus got fries. We also shared some nachos for an additional appetizer (we ordered sooo much food!), which were very good.

Wasabi's fajitas

Wasabi's sideways and stretched fajitas. Too tired to figure out what happened there.

The Count's fish

The Count's washed out fish.

bacon burger - there were several

One of several burgers. The tell-tale mayo says its mine.

I'm going to take this opportunity to once again say how lame it is that the Brewery Lane Tavern, also known as the BLT, does not have a BLT sandwich on its menu. They should also, easily, have a BLT burger. And so on. LAME-O!

Then, the tragedy. They had fried dough on the menu for dessert. We were soo excited! But it was mad gross. Greasy and thick and heavy. Fortunately, our waitress was very cool about it and noticed were weren't eating it and took it off our bills, agreeing that it just wasn't right.

Highlights reel: burgers - wicked good. nachos - very good. fajitas - tres good. fish - muy good. other stuff - not very good at all.

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