Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 17: Flatbread Company, Portsmouth

In attendance: Zeus, Solids, Hot Sauce, Mycroft, Ace, and the Lady Aubergine plus two “visitors.”
Apologies: Moxie

I have liked the Flatbread Company for a while now and I was quite pleased to introduce it to the movers.
It was not the best place for one of our foodtards. Everything contained Wheat. Even the blue cheese salad came with a soy dressing. Sorry Ace.

What was ordered.
We had a Punctuated equilibrium as an app, while waiting for other to arrive. The Calamata Olives and Goat cheese make this one of the saltiest items on the menu but still very good. This was a vegetarian option.

Two salads were ordered. I did not partake.

For the main course.
We ordered three flatbreads. First was the Carne Special, that was spicy chicken and pepper. If I remember correctly. Second was the sausage flatbread, which used to be my favorite. Solid said he enjoyed the sausage flatbread alot. Last was Zeus’s call on the completely Vegan option. It had all sorts of onion and tomato and such on it. I like this one as well. It was very sweet though, a lot from the onions, but still good.

Ace enjoyed a root bear float made from Maine Root beer and Annabell’s Ice Cream. He seemed to enjoy it but I forgot to ask. I have had one before and it was good. I had a couple of Woodchuck Hard Ciders. It is one of the few places around that serves Woodchuck and I think it complements the food rather well. Lady A. had a lemonade that was apparently too sweet and was later replaced with water.

After dinner the two “visitors” were taken to the whale lot and “offered an invitation to join the movers.” More on that later. But for now, until their official code names are confirmed, they will be know as Prag 1 and Prag 2. (spelling not confirmed)

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zeus said...

Solids ordered a blueberry beer that we both enjoyed, which is significant because we really don't drink much beer. I liked the Flatbread Company very much.