Wednesday, November 09, 2005

El Mexicano Jr.

This is going to be a really short post - because I figure it will work better if everybody writes about what they ate in the comments because there were so many differerent things going on.

In attendance:
Ace, Hot Sauce!, The Lady Aubergine, Zeus, Solids, The Count, Wasabi, Mycroft, Prag 4 and myself, Moxie.

The food was divine. I ate or participated in the eating of: chorizo tacos, deshebrada tacos, milanesa con papas (breaded steak with fries that was misleadingly decribed as steak covered in bread and fries) which came with deliciously divine beans and rice, tamales, and a gordita.

I loved the gordita which was like a mexican pita pocket - the pita being made of masa dough.

And my all time favorite still remains the chorizo taco. Fuckin' yum

We also held the induction of Prag 4 into The Movers, this being his 3rd meeting and all. On a sad note, this was a low point for The Movers as an organization. Not our best. Disorganization ruled the day, with everybody shouting at the same time while we stood outside El Mexicano Jr in the rain. Rules were called into question, and there was much debate about what the rules really were/are. We may have to hold a special and dedicated meeting in order to avoid such debacles in the future.

What should have been a happy occasion, inducting a new member after the finest meal in recent memory, was instead a travesty.

From: Ace

I have to say I completely disagree about how the night ended, I didn't see travesty at all. It was a fun experience all around and a little bit of political maneuvering and conflict just added to the spice of the night. So in this Mover's opinion, not a travesty at all.

And the food... since Moxie already broke the cursing barrier... fucking wow!

Chorizo tacos, Deshebrada tacos. I can't decide. I would travel the two hours back and forth for these every day if I could afford the gas. Just too good for words. Everything was wonderful. I ate pretty much everything that Moxie ate plus some Tostadas. Which were also quite awesome.

Ace, Ready to Move

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