Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Rosa, Portsmouth

The Rosa - November 16th
Members in attendance: The Count, Moxie, Mycroft, Hot Sauce, Lady Aubergine, Prag 4. Zeus and Solids went with a tag- team presence for the event.
Prag 4 ate a tasty pizza with tomato, spinach, and cheese. The Count had beer battered Haddock. Hot Sauce ate one of the specials with an undercooked Gouda risotto. Zeus ate a pasta primavera. Lady Aubergine chose to eat eggplant parmesan that was more fry than eggplant. Moxie sat across from me, and even though I tasted her meal and know it was served with linguine, I can't remember what it was!
Overall, Movers agreed the food was not memorable. One merit to The Rosa came in the form of a rare steak. Mycroft was pleased with his steak, as it is a feat for many restaurants to achieve rare even when asked for it. Also, the atmosphere was far better than any Olive Garden or chain Italian place you might find. Lovely black and white photos (presumably) of the family and of Portsmouth hang in antique frames. You can find newspaper clippings from the early 1900's in the hallways. Also, I appreciated the traditional carafes of wine (the house red was better than the first bottle we chose, even if that's not saying much).
Though the food was mundane, the conversation was spicy! The Movers covered the issues that came up during the previous week's meeting and had very good discussion about our voting policies. Let it therefore be known that The Movers - after many wonderful side journeys- have agreed to a form of voting which is not yet named, but which we are sure will take off quickly in secret dining groups all over the globe. I will not try to explain the reasons behind the methods, as they are too complex for even I to understand, yet they are as follows: All Movers present must vote, even if the outcome seems obvious. A re-vote can be taken on any topic at any time. When voting, all Members of The Movers must vote in the affirmative, save for one; one member must vote No for the item to pass and be accepted as Mover's Rule. I like to think of this as Near Consensus with expectation, nay requirement! of an ornery individual to make the voting interesting. Others may see it as more spiritual or philosophical, but I'll let them speak to it themselves, should that be the case.
An enjoyable and high spirited evening!
- Lady Aubergine

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