Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wings Your Way

Durham, NH

In attendance: Mycroft, Moxie, Ace, Solids, Hot Sauce!, The Lady Aubergine, The Count, Wasabi and special guests Prag 4, Thor, and Monique

First, a disclaimer for those reading who do not know me personally: I am a wing snob. I am a New Yorker, an upstate New Yorker to boot, and so it is in my blood. My parents schooled me in the ways of wing eating from a very early age. I am very very fussy about what I consider good wings, because I've eaten bucketloads of good wings. Good wings are as common as beer in NY.

Second, a rant: wings in NH suck. They truly do, in general. NH people frequently call tenders wings if they happen to be splashed with a little Frank's RedHot. They are in general rubbery (50% of wing quality is crispy-ness) and weak (50% is flavor of the sauce)(note: chicken quality is not super important, neither is atmosphere of dining establishment).

Despite many obstacles to pleasant wing eating experiences, I am willing to order buffalo wings anytime, anywhere, any day of the week in the off chance an acceptable experience is to be had. I am a desperate, fussy, snobby, hungry person.

Cutting to the chase: Wings Your Way is acceptable. Given no other acceptable alternatives on the seacoast of NH, I will revisit Wings Your Way early and often. If Wings Your Way were re-located to Buffalo, NY it would be stoned to death. I will not bring my father, wing eating titan that he is and current resident of upstate NY, to Wings Your Way. I will bring ex-New Yorkers and others desperate for decent wing experiences there.

Some notes:
  • the first 20 wings we ordered, in order to get the lay of the land, were the 'regular' (out of mild, regular, and way hot). These were crispy enough that we didn't flee, but had no flavor. When Lady Aubergine ordered 50 way hot, and told them not to pussy around, they offered us their 'special reserve' which kicked most of our asses.
  • Hot Sauce and Prag 4 did not get their asses kicked. Indeed, they should be awarded special medals of commendation
  • only 1 little tub of blue cheese (and crappy blue cheese at that) is free, the others are $.25 each. That is utter crap. I will badmouth these bitches over the point until the day I die.
  • All of the special guests proved their mettle in the hot food and wing loving department. I was going to suggest it should be a Mover requirement, but then I realized a. some people are vegetarians, and b. The Count.
  • Choices of beer are slim. Hot Sauce! argues that the choices were entirely appropriate, the choices being: Bud, Bud Light, and Redhook. Cheap beer only met to get you buzzed and cool down your mouth. It was cheap enough. The wings were not cheap enough - the largest order being 50 for $25. I believe this was Ace's biggest complaint about the place.

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